A Top Seller: Mini Nebulizer Compressor and Kit

mini nebulizer compressor

If you are looking to get one of the best and most reliable nebulizers in the market, you will be faced with several options. Perhaps the one that has the most popularity and best regarded by the majority of users is the Roscoe’s Mini Compressor Nebulizer. We here at Discount Medical Supplies have this item in our top sellers list constantly and the feed we have gathered from our customers is overwhelmingly great. Today we will take a closer look and provide you with the information necessary so you decide if this is the right item for you.

Product Features

The very first thing that is evident and attention grabbing by this item in particular is its size and weight. At a first glance it might not look as much. At a mere 2.55 pounds, handling this device is extremely easy. This kit contains a quiet and efficient piston pump that effectively dispenses prescription medication promptly to the bronchial lung airways with ease. It has an ergonomic design, durable and dependable. It is surprisingly powerful for its size. It can convert medication in to inhalable mist with ease. It comes with a curved mouthpiece, five filters, and a power cord; also it has the capability of adjusting for different mask sizes for adults or pediatric use.

What customers like about this product

Definitely the main feature that customers mention about this device is the size of the unit. Since it is so small it is easy to transport and handle, whether if its travel or transporting the device from one room to the other. Another feature that is constantly mentioned and highlighted is how easy it is to operate the machine. We had no problem at all working this device, and we were not alone as the customers who left feedback on this machine stated that the machine was very easy to use. It has simple tubing, which makes for easy assembly. Another feature that is very interesting and worth noting is the safety features of this device. This machine comes with a thermal protector that monitors and controls the temperature of the unit and will shut off in case of overheating.

What customer’s don’t like about this product.

While being one of the best, fair priced and popular nebulizers it is not one of the largest or more powerful. Larger units might have the most power but, they are not as easy to operate of to handle as the Roscoe’s Mini Compressor Nebulizer.

Is it Worth a Purchase?

Yes, this is a great nebulizer but an ideal one for pediatric patients. It is easy to keep and transport, perfect for concerned parents of asthmatic children.

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