Tracheostomy Wound Care Procedures and Tips

According to MedlinePlus, a tracheostomy is a surgical procedure used to form an opening in the neck to the trachea. Then, a tube is placed to provide an airway and also to remove lung secretions. Many times a trach, as it is often referred to, is temporary. 
Once the tube is removed, Tracheostomy Wound Care is required since a wound is more than likely to result afterwards. Health care needs will be fragile and must be tended to with caution and care. One such great way to deal with these wounds is through the use of wound care tape.
Caring for Tracheostomy Equipment
While the trach tube is inserted in the trachea, there are certain guidelines to follow, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.
 These include:
To clean suction catheters, pour hydrogen peroxide into a container and suction through the catheter. 
Follow with sterile water through the catheter until there is no more peroxide left.
Then suction air through until no more water remains.
Allow the catheter to air dry by wrapping it in a towel.
After these steps are followed during the time the tube is in, it will be time to tend to tracheostomy wound care once the tube is removed. 
Wound Healing through Tape
Once your immediate health care needs are met through the use of the trach tube, it is time to utilize wound care tape, to speed up the healing process.
 Several tapes to choose from include:
Johnson and Johnson Zonas Porous Tape that will allow the wound to truly heal by allowing the skin’s perspiration the ability to escape. This is a durable tape that will hold up well.
Megazinc Pink Adhesive Tape by Invacare supply Group is great for sensitive skin, especially for tender areas like the neck region. This tape is latex-free, water-proof and can even be re-used.
Johnson and Johnson Elastikon Tape is a cloth tape that provides superb flexibility. It is a great tape for harder to tape areas such as the neck.
While a tracheostomy is a procedure that must be completed by a trained health care professional, tracheostomy wound care can easily be tended to in the comfort of home. 
By utilizing the appropriate wound care tape, you are allowing the wound to heal properly which will lessen the likelihood of you contracting any serious side effects later down the road, including infections.