Training more than five days a week increases the risk of injury

Physical exercise improves mood and it is a good treatment and prevention against depression, it has many countless benefits for the body and the mind. However, if done inappropriately it can bring the appearance of lesions, particularly in the lower extremities such as tendonitis, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, or general aching in the knee area and many other possible injuries that can leave us sidelined and unable to continue exercising.

In many cases where an injury occurs it happens due to excessive training. Experts in sports medicine and physiotherapists have stated that rigorous training over five days a week increases greatly the risk of injury, also they claim that it does very little for improvement of the physical form and it puts the athlete at risk of developing other ailments that could potentially do more harm in the future as well.

The ten percent rule is the key to properly workout and do some exercise, according to experts. This rule is based on starting small and slowly increasing the pace. That is to say, never increase the distance, to further illustrate the intensity or the weight being lifted should be no more than 10 percent each week. If you are a runner or like to go for a jog, it is recommended that you gradually begin to run on alternate days (for example Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and slowly picking up the pace to properly improve your form and stamina.

The old saying “No Pain, No Gain” is true to certain extent, because a slight pain after doing some tough exercises is normal, but pain should not be taken lightly when performing exercises, and practicing sports. If you are just starting out know that your stamina and form might not be all that great, so there is no reason to push yourself to unhealthy limits, putting yourself at risk of a potential injury. Pacing yourself and taking things slow at first and gradually picking it up will pay off and will decrease the risk of injury but it will also maximize and enhance your workout.

Pushing yourself to the limit is not a good thing, also it is important to know when and how to rest. When it comes to getting in shape the secret is to finding a balance that works for your body and knowing when it is a good time to make the necessary modifications.

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