How to Treat Neck Pain?


I personally can’t take it a minute longer when sitting in front of the computer trying to get all my articles done for my deadline and BAM! a neck pain strikes! So for sakes of those of you who, like me, have had a neck pain or could be proned to have one, here is how to treat a neck pain.

They are commonly cause by the tension of the neck muscles for a prolonged period of time that could be due to stress.  Other activities that lead to this type of pain are repeated or sudden movements of the neck.


To treat this pain that could be acute or chronic here is a small list of things that I have found to be helpful:

  • First, try reducing the amount of stress you might be feeling at the moment, create a relaxing environment and take a break from any source of tension that could be causing this.
  • Hot/Cold Therapy: Applying ice packs and alternating with hot packs for 15 minutes every 2 to 3 hours, can help reduce the pain as part of the most common at-home treatments. Also alternating one of those sessions with a warm shower, letting the stream of water fall directly on your neck.
  • Massage and or manipulation can be done by a practitioner, physical therapist or a chiropractor.
  • For those chronic neck pains, antidepressants may be prescribed by your doctor, however it is important to keep an eye on the prescribed amount as some might become addictive.
  • Other over the counter medications can help alleviate any inflammation and cause of this affection. Drugs such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen with anti-inflammatory features and naproxen, all can help provide relief for this acute pain.
  • Getting back to your normal activities in little time helps strengthen your muscles.
  • Do soft and smooth stretching exercises to prevent any stiffness and keep it flexible.
  • As strange as it may seem, smoking could be the major cause of this discomfort, so maybe try quitting… it bad for you anyways so to quit smoking is a win-win situation in the end.
  • Orthopedic supports and braces are often recommended to help the healing process be done faster.
  • While your next starts feeling better, avoid doing any heavy lifting.
  • Specialized gels such as Biofreeze are created to lessen any inflammation and provide a fast solution for this pain. For this mode of application the best biofreeze products are the roll-on and the hand-free applicators are recommended by the manufacturer.

Prevention plays a big part on avoiding discomforts such as a neck pain from hitting you again. The most important part on how to treat a neck pain is to do so promptly since a short acute pain could become chronic.

Also it is important to remind you that I am no doctor or specialist, therefore the relevance of checking with your practitioner before doing any of these pain relief techniques.

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