Treat Hip Pain with the TENS 7000

Often an underlying cause of other conditions, hip pain is a common complaint seen more on elder communities. The exact location of your hip pain may be of no importance to you but to your doctor or physical therapist this could be a clue and a good start to treat hip pain with the TENS 7000.

This type of discomfort can be seen in two sub types:

  • Hip joint pain: This results in pain right between your legs or inside your hip.
  • Outside ache of the hip: caused by issues related to ligaments, soft tissues, tendons and muscles. Patients describe it as a discomfort on the outer buttock and/or upper thigh.

The best way to treat hip pain with the TENS 7000 is following all recommendations from an expert and the correct placement of the electrode pads. This type of therapy shows better and faster results than other treatment options like medications and massage. The TENS 7000 comes with four electrodes that you will use. Place one on your upper thigh and the other right below your buttocks, for the other pair of electrodes you can place on the outer side area of your leg a little above your knee and the other following a vertical line on to the belt area. This way you are creating an invisible cross with your electrodes in which the center is the zone where you feel most pain.


This unit releases safe and small electric impulses on the affected nerve that is sending the pain signals to your brain and converts those signals to a pain-free message. As electricity travels better through water and the human body is filled with it, you will find it is best to place the electrodes on areas that have a good enough amount of muscle.

This unit is not to be used if you...

  • Have a pacemaker or any other implanted electronic device.
  • Are pregnant, or on the first months of pregnancy. On the later stages it is best to get your doctor’s approval. TENS therapy has been known to help with labor pains.
  • Are epileptic or have a heart condition.
  • Might have an allergic reaction to the electrode gel or the electrodes themselves.
  • Are driving or operating any type of machinery.
  • Are taking a shower or bath.

This non-invasive treatment is battery powered which means that it is portable and the electrodes can remain in place throughout the day ready for the next time you will treat hip pain with the TENS 7000. Keeping persistence on this therapy is important to reduce and eradicate the pain sensation. Be sure to consult with your healthcare provider about the time intervals and intensity to use. Use as prescribed and do not auto medicate or try higher electric intensities without first consulting with your doctor.

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