Typhoon Ravages Philippines

Late President Ferdinand Marcos is officially not the worst thing that has ever happened to the Philippines. Super typhoon Yolanda may very well be the be-all, end-all of tropical cyclones, reaching breakneck speeds of 195 m/h. That’s simply too much firepower even for a country accustomed to typhoons as well as earthquakes, due to its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire-the name alone says it all. And even for the world’s 12th most populated country (and the seventh in Asia), 10,000 casualties is too high a toll. Moreover, the millions of survivors are not home-free yet, not by any stretch, and they need help that’s a bit more substantial than the Pope’s prayers.
The destruction brought by Yolanda defies description even for those who actually lived to tell of it. In broad strokes, 70% to 80% of the country’s infrastructure was obliterated, while entire seaside villages were swallowed by tsunami-like waves. However, the true scope of the carnage is hard, if not impossible, to quantify, especially for the survivors who have lost family, friends, and homes, and are in need of water, electricity, food and medical supplies. If the wreckage that this force nature left behind wasn’t bad enough-including roads, airports and bridges rendered useless- matters are worsened by the human factor. The military has been sent to the city of Tacloban as a response to looting, but who can blame the inhabitants of the hardest-hit area in a country were hardly a square inch got out unscathed in one way or another?
Speaking of army deployments, the United States Army has allocated 90 marines on relief detail, as a preliminary measure to provide assistance, with President Obama saying that further help will be available. And it certainly will be needed, not only in the Philippines, but also in Vietnam, where the storm is now headed. Other entities such as the Unicef and World Vision have sprung into action as a result of the catastrophe.   
In these sort of situations, it is customary to say that are hearts go out to the victims (and indeed they do), but this is an instance where the thought alone doesn’t count. Instead, Discount Medical Supplies wants to remind you that we should all try at least one of the channels that have been established to help out, a few of which are the World Food Program, the American and Philippine Red Cross, Americares, the Salvation Army, and Mercy Corps.

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