The ugly truth about Parabens

The ugly truth

Since the 1950s the cosmetic industry has employed the use of preservatives known as Parabens. These preservatives have been widely used ever since in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. However, these chemical components have been linked to cancer to breast and other health risks, many concerned experts have raised their voices against their use. Yet, they continue to be used by large pharmaceutical corporations.

Parabens are defined as parahydroxybenzoates or 4-hydroxybenzoic acid, and where made to be antibacterial and fungicidal components in many different products in the cosmetic industry. Parabens have also been used as food additives. Corporations lean towards their usage due to their low cost and citing their rhetoric that natural alternatives are not as effective. However, several organic health organizations are strongly arguing that further investigations and neutral researches are needed in order to deem Parabens safe or unsafe for the public.

The popular concern about the risk of Parabens started when they were considered as xenoestrogens, meaning chemical agents that mimic estrogen. Xenoestrogens are endocrine dissipators, they have estrogen like qualities that when interacting with the body it could cause for hormonal system to be disrupted. Parabens create synthetic estrogen that is virtually impossible for the body to break down, and considering the amount of  products that the average human consumes in a year, there is a serious potential risk of damage to the hormone system.

The ongoing debate and controversy of the presence of Parabens in regular everyday products is urging for the open debate of the safety of the complements used on your products. Large corporations are adamant on their posture that these questionable chemicals are safe, despite a steadily growing concern by several groups within the health community.  Parabens are still being actively used on many popular mainstream products. Corporations are citing that the amount of preservatives that are used on their products is reduced to a minimum. Still, they fail to produce any shred of evidence that validate their claims that these chemicals are completely safe. Fortunately, for the concerned customer, there are some valid and natural alternatives.

Given that there is still debate about the proper use of these chemical components, many concerned manufacturers of natural products are avidly avoiding their use and constantly seeking safe alternatives to provide the same cosmetic products “100% Parabens Free”. You can now effectively search for products that have this disclaimer on their labels so you can rest easy.