Ultra Ride Wheelchair Cushions

The Ultra Ride Rollator Walker and Transport Chair is so much more than a wheelchair, but it could still use wheelchair cushions. This all-in-one rollator and transport chair, which is in stock at Discount Medical Supplies, is a lightweight, foldable uber-wheelchair that grants users the liberty to walk, sit, and ride. It easily transitions from rollator to transport chair, and it can be carried and stored without any problems at all. It has a 19” width of seating area, and adjustable height. Moreover, it comes with a deep bag for users to put personal items into, as well as foot rests and a safety belt. 
As fully equipped as this chair is, it would not be complete without wheelchair cushions. Even though seat cushions have to be bought separately, there is a wide variety of affordable options from which to choose. Finding the perfect Ultra Ride wheelchair cushion will allow the user to sit comfortably, balanced and securely. A proper cushion distributes the weight of the user evenly to avoid pressure ulcers, which are a nuisance at best, and can lead to more serious complications at worst.

Wheelchair cushions come in many different fabrics, shapes and styles, such as foam, gel, air, and honeycomb. For example, a foam wheelchair cushion may be designed to contour the seating area in order to stabilize and support the body of the user. As a result, it promotes proper position. A gel cushion is also manufactured with a foam base, but is filled with gel that enhances weight and pressure distribution. Air seat cushions are lightweight and feature a contoured, anatomically-shaped foam base with a pre-set, sealed air support pad. Each type of cushion has its pros and cons, so the final decision comes down to the actual user and his or her particular needs.
The goal of a wheelchair cushion is, in broad strokes, to allow a person to sit for long periods of time with the utmost comfort, and ensuring that they maintain a proper position that doesn’t harm their spines. Another goal, as we mentioned before, is to prevent pressure ulcers. This more often than not refers to patients who are at low risk of this type of sores. High risk patients should consult a doctor first. The bottom line is that, even if you have the best in transportation, like the Ultra Ride Rollator Walker and Transport Chair, you still can’t underestimate the important of wheelchair cushions.