Uncommon Migraine Triggers

As a migraine sufferer myself, I try to inform myself as much as I can on the matter. With soccer practice, violin lessons, dance class, school and work, the last thing that a single mother of two can have on her head (literally) is a migraine.   There is a particular trigger that really gets to me, considering the type of fast paced lifestyle I lead.   Sometimes you are aching to take a nap, but napping is something I definitely have to scratch off my list.  It turns out that among   uncommon migraine triggers, I found out that napping was the culprit for me waking up with a pounding migraine forcing me to rely on strong medication to finish my day.  Are there any uncommon causes that trigger migraines for you?   Watch out for the following uncommon migraine triggers!

Napping or Sleeping In

We are likely to believe resting will ONLY bring positive benefits to our body. Wrong! Changing your sleep patterns around may provoke a strong headache or a straight up migraine. It does not only happen to me, it is a reality. Specialists recommend establishing a strict routine of sleeping cycles to avoid and manage migraines. 


Surprised?  Don’t be. Although you have heard otherwise in regards to sex and headaches, sex is considered and intense physical exercise and it has been proven that any intense workout can trigger a migraine. Unfortunately sex is not an exception to this.  Although you might consider them worth the pain, these “sex headaches” can be as intense as the session the provoked them.

Wine and Cheese

You might think this is the perfect combination, however if you suffer from migraines, it is definitely not!  There is a compound called tyramine, both cheese and wine have it, and it has been proven trigger migraines on some people. So before indulging, think twice if you are ready to handle that possible struck to the head.  

Perfumes or Strong Odors

This one does not really come as a surprise to me. There are odors that can become simply unbearable.  Unfortunately these odors are sometimes ON people we even care about. Strong perfumes will make it impossible to be in social gatherings and not picking up a terrible migraine headache and end up taking it home with you.

Pressure Changes and Weather

Some people are highly sensitive to the changes happening on the atmosphere. Extreme humidity, intense sunlight or heat, hot and cold changes are a few examples of the migraine triggers related to the weather.  If you suffer from migraines, it would not hurt to keep your eyes on the weather guy, or else you will be hurting if you are not ready.


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