Understanding the correct TENS Unit Use

correct use tens units

If you are a beginner in Electrotherapy and want to know the correct TENS unit use, first you need to cover some quick basics. First of all, a TENS unit is a transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Therapy devices (TENS unit). It is a portable, at times pocket-sized, device that it is battery operated and that can be used as a great alternative for patients that experience chronic pain and general discomfort in the body. They are a great natural, safe and non-invasive way to deal with pain, with out the use of surgery or hazardous drugs and medication. The TENS unit is battery operated and has the benefits of delivering a soothing sensation and relief to areas affected by chronic pain via electric impulses. These impulses it produces are mild and give a “tingling” sensation, those impulses are picked up by your nervous system and there is no more sensation of pain.

What is the correct TENS Unit use? This electric device sends millions of tiny electric impulses via electrode pads directly on the skin of the affected area. Those impulses travel through the nerve system, directly to the brain, blocking pain impulses and therefore providing pain relief without the necessity of invasive and risky painkiller medications. These units can be used on patients with acute pain or chronic pain conditions, with practically no side effects. In some cases, the relief that they produce can last up to several hours, other patients might not have such a relief but the usage of a TENS unit can definitely help reduce the amount of medication taken, to the point that there have been people who have stopped taking pain medication all together.

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TENS Unit use is highly recommended to be under by doctor’s orders, as their effect on patients may vary. In some cases usage of these devices can provide a great deal of relief, but in some cases it might not have the same results. It is advised that you talk to your doctor first and test if treatment with a TENS device is ideal for you. Also, it is very important that after you purchase a TENS unit that you inform yourself properly and read the manufacturer’s instructions closely, you should also consult with your doctor the first time you use the machine so you can adjust the intensity of the electric impulses. It is very important that you familiarize with the TENS units controls, setting adjustments and battery maintenance before you being using it. As properly setting the correct power settings and modes can make a world of difference.

Most TENS units work with pre-gelled adhesive electrode pads. Most of the come with their own sets. These pads are in charge of delivering the electric impulses on your skin. It is important that you clean the areas before TENS unit use, it is highly recommended that you apply some conductive gels or sprays on the skin to help the impulses travel better and ensure a more effective therapy session.