The Unsung Hero of Uruguay’s National Team

Unsung hero

Soccer fans yesterday saw, what could be described as a miraculous performance by Uruguay Striker Luis Suarez (of course, unless if you are an England fan). In the weeks before the most prestigious soccer tournament kicked off, the Liverpool superstar under went knee surgery in his meniscus and was photographed on a wheelchair just last month. But, in a stuff right out of a Hollywood film, Suarez came back on Uruguay’s starting line-up and delivered one of his most epic and heroic performances yet, netting two goals (sorry again, English fans). Then during one of his goals celebrations, Suarez was shown embracing and pointing to a gray hair member of the Uruguay coaching staff, as if he was showing the world who was the person responsible for the goal he just scored.

The menisci on the knees work as shock absorbers; they are pads of tough, flexible tissue of cartilage between the bones of your upper and lower leg. A common soccer injury is a tear meniscus, an injury that can take up to six weeks to heal. Suarez, tore his, went through surgery and came back after just four weeks of recovery, something that is completely unheard of. Who are responsible for this performance? The answer is Walter Ferreira. Nacional de Montevideo and Uruguay National Team’s Kinesiology Man took the striker from going under the knife to becoming Uruguay’s rescuer of World Cup hopes.

After going through surgery in England (of all places), Suarez went back to Uruguay and put himself under the orders of Ferreira. Then after intensive rehabilitation and physical therapy, Suarez was able to reach “good enough” form to be included on Uruguay’s World Cup Squad. Physiotherapy for knee rehabilitation and can include electrotherapy, such as using an EMS machine, rehabilitating exercises and physical therapy. The reason why Suarez was able to be able to play so soon after his surgery has to do of his physical fitness.  Suarez being a world-class soccer player, at the peak of his abilities, is in incredible physical form, that in all certainty allows for his body to have almost Wolverine-like recovery compared to the average person.

To add drama to the story, Mr. Ferreira is in a bit of an struggle himself as he is currently battling cancer. During his rehab process, Ferreira due to his illness was not able to go to Uruguay’s team camp to see Suarez, so the striker went directly to Ferreira’s home to continue his treatment. Ferreira, at the time, was not a member of the Uruguay’s team coaching staff, as he was currently working for local club Nacional. As a reward to getting him on form Suarez personally requested that Ferreira be included and taken with them to Brazil alongside the squad.