Urinary Incontinence Infographic

A urinary incontinence problem can become more than that if not taken seriously from the first symptoms. It is a very uncomfortable condition that brings embarrassing moments if you are not prepared properly. A simple leakage can happen at any moment, during a sneeze, cough or the bouncing that happens when you exercise.

This ailment is the loss of bladder control and has many types usually linked to the stages of severity. Many of the causes are related to a weakened pelvic floor, therefore special therapies with specific exercises or even surgery could be prescribed to provide a solution to this dysfunction. Most of the sources that generate this incontinence can be eradicated by aligning pelvic structures, releasing restriction around the bladder, not consuming bladder irritants, and bladder training (i.e. Kegel exercises).

The U.I can be treated and even cured. It takes a little patience and constant managing, the following infographic provides information and prevention tips to help you face this uncomfortable situation. And we also invite you to visit our Incontinence section at Discount Medical Supplies to find all U.I products available.

Urinary Incontinence Infographic


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