Urinary Incontinence Medication

Millions of people suffer from urinary incontinence making it one of the most common healthcare issues around. While there are many different treatment options available, they are not ‘one size fits all’ situation. 
For example, those individuals who suffer from light leakage might only need to use special pads and liners. For those experiencing heavier leaks, incontinence drugs maybe the answer. They can quickly get to the root of the problem and alleviate the symptoms.
Incontinence drugs
According to Mayo Clinic, treatment for urinary continence is dependent upon the severity and the actual causes of the problem. Incontinence drugs are often used in conjunction with other techniques, as determined by your healthcare professional. 

Some of the most common drugs include:
Anticholinergics help to calm down an overactive bladder. This is one of the best medications to treat urge incontinence. These drugs can include: tolterodine, oxybutynin and tropism among others.
Topical estrogen can come in the form of a low-dose, estrogen-based cream. It can be used as a vaginal cream, patch or ring that can both tone and rejuvenate damaged or loosened muscles through the vaginal area.
Imipramine is an antidepressant that is used to treat a combination of urge and stress incontinence.
Duloxetine is another antidepressant that can be used for stress incontinence.
Incontinence Aids
Incontinence drugs can be used in connection with other healthcare aides, to effectively deal with incontinence. 
Some of these products include: 
DRI Excel Enuresis Alarm by Invacare Supply Group features a small, yet comfortable design that can be used for both men and women. The alarm is attached in the underwear and its sensor will be set off by the slightest amount of urine. 
The Medline Stack a Pans in Graphite are a great alternative during the middle of the night when you can’t make it to the toilet in time. These pans are stackable which reduce the amount of space they take up. They can also fit over a standard toilet.
TENA Comfort Pants are made from a cloth-like material, which is comfortable and soothing to the skin. These pants are also washable and reusable.
While incontinence drugs aren’t for everybody, they are a great alternative especially for those who aren’t responding to other healthcare treatments. The medications can go straight to the source of incontinence and help reduce symptoms and their impact on your lifestyle. 

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