A waist is a terrible thing to mind Adult briefs size B

prevail bariatric

The Prevail Bariatric Adult Brief Size B can fit waist sizes up to 100”, but there is no need to worry about whether it offers less protection than traditional adult diapers. Quite the contrary, this product has absorbent and anti-leakage properties that not only match those of regular-sized briefs, but also exceed them – after all, it does have to cover a larger surface of skin. For example, a fully covering absorbent mat brief with nonwoven acquisition layer, cloth-like outer fabric, advanced zoning system, and super absorbent core for heavy incontinence.

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·         Easy-lock fastener.

·         Wide, Soft, Stretch Side Panels for a more secure comfortable fit.

·         Dual Refastening Strips for strong closure that will stay in place even under stress.

·         Odor guard that helps prevent odors before they start. 

·         Breathable.

·         Reduces skin breakdown.

·         Wetness indicator.

·         Free of latex.

·         Disposable.

·         Closure: Tabs.

·         Protects from bladder and bowel incontinence.


These bariatric adult briefs are adjustable, protective, breathable, discreet, and comfortable. The main advantage though is that waist size should not be a concern. As a matter of fact, larger patients will find that they can finally wear an adult diaper comfortably.


Some users have found these briefs to be bulky and uncomfortable, and have found difficulties putting it on, to the point that it becomes a two man operation. Those complaints do make sense especially considering that these are bariatric diapers. However, that is precisely the point; a smaller, lighter product simply could not get the job done. As far as specialty size briefs are concerned, few will outweigh the inherent disadvantages as well as these do.


This product is recommended for daily use, both at home or while traveling, and in case of an emergency. In general, it is recommended for patients and caregiver who have been struggling with undersized briefs that fail to offer the coverage and protection that bariatric patients need. It is a fact that large people have a hard time finding clothes that fit them well, and adult diapers are no exception. These brief not only fix that but are versatile enough to be adjusted to different requirements. Keep in mind that they are not meant solely for 100” waists, but that they can stretch up to that measure – which does preclude other bariatric sizes.

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