Walk-In Baths: American Standard Safety Tub

American Standard is one of the best-known names in plumbing fixtures. As a household name, they have strived to incorporate safety into all of their products, for instance the walk-in bath. The walk-in bath is an American Standard safety tub (although other manufacturers may produce them too) that provides access by way of a self-sealing inward opening, or a door, to put it in lay terms. The water pressure itself is what holds the door closed, though that prevents emergency access. Conversely, there are also outward openings fitted with a leak-proof seal, as well as doors which slide into the wall of the tube. 
While some tubs are labeled as walk-in, they may have a higher seat and an outward opening door that allow the user to sit down and rotate their legs into the tub. Such tubs might be more accurately classified as low step-in rather than walk-in, and they are very useful for wheelchair-bound individuals. Other than their entry-gain methods, walk-in baths require about as much space as regular tubs do, permitting a quick installation. 


Speaking of which, an American Standard safety tub owner’s manual states that the user has the responsibility of inspecting and water testing the walk-in tub before installing it, to make sure that the product is neither flawed nor damaged; if the tub isn’t in top condition, the user should refrain from installing it. Instead, they should get in contact with the manufacturer. The tub may be tested by placing it on a flat area where it can be filled and drained. The seal should be cleaned and drain holes covered, after which the user can proceed to filling it with a water hose, letting the water stand for half an hour to check for leaks.
As safe and convenient as a walk-in tub may be, installing one does not mean that you can forget about other safety measures, such as shower, toilet and tub grab bars. You can find a wide variety of such items at Discount Medical Supplies, whether they are permanent fixtures like Knurled Grab Bars by Invacare Supply Group, or more versatile like Safe-er-Grip Swivel Suction Tub Bar, also by Invacare Supply Group. And if you’re not entirely convinced of using a walk-in tub, you can still resort to transfer benches such as the Carex Bathtub Transfer Bench by Apex/Carex Healthcare, or the Maddak Inc Transfer Bench.

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