Walking can help you breathe better!

Walking can help you breathe betterWalking is one of the best exercises to help you stay healthy, regardless of your age and background. It is a simple activity that can be done by almost everyone. While people might still be going to the gym or seek other types of exercises to strengthen the body, walking is a habit that, in addition to being extremely favorable for the legs, it helps us to maintain and regain the physical and emotional health. But there is also another little known benefit that can be obtained by going for a walk as a regular habit

Walking between 15 and 30 minutes almost every day without getting tired in excess, can improve the quality of life and prognosis of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a respiratory pathology whose most frequent symptoms are a feeling of breathlessness, cough and expectoration. This is one of the recommendations of the Spanish Society of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery (Separ), which indicates that the challenge of health care professionals lies in raising awareness of these patients the importance of moving the maximum days if possible and for as long as possible. This approach has also been proven true for the average person.

The main symptoms of COPD result in that patients tend to reduce your physical activity in a progressive manner, which implies a negative impact on the prognosis of their disease and also in its quality of life, it furthers increases the risk of the development of other ailments tied to poor physical activity.

Scientific research has shown that patients who perform physical activities on a regular basis have better evolution of the disease and fewer hospital admissions due to respiratory infections. However, according to Dr. Judith Garcia Aymerich, epidemiologist and a member of Separ, "it is very difficult to recommend the practice of physical activity to patients who highly affected and out of breath with simple moments and physical activities".

Everyday activities such as climbing stairs or going for a walk are of great help to achieve a favorable evolution of the disease and an improvement in the quality of life for these patients, explains this medical doctor. For this reason, "it is very important to motivate the patient to get feel the need to move" and "is also key, through pulmonary rehabilitation programs, are physically prepared for this activity".

While walking is a very healthy habit, it is necessary that every time we walk let's look at our way of walking, because many times we are flawed, we walked crooked, with the abdomen loose, sprawling and/or tense. Walk a lot of talk about our personality, so we can begin to take special care when we walk. Once we have adopted a good habit of taking a stroll or a simple walk to clear our heads, the benefits can affect all of us to levels we might not even suspect.

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