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Surviving the Winter with Discount Medical Supplies

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 11:41

Winter does not only bring fun in the snow. Unfortunately, sometimes winter may also bring sudden fevers, aching body, coughing, sore throat, headaches and more.  This week we have a promotion that will prepare you to fight the not so wonderful side of winter.

Snoring and Your Health: Much More Than Purrs

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 14:24

It is not just a disturbing sound at night. Snoring is a serious problem for the sufferer and for his partner. Find out why we snore and what remedies account to banish this evil in the bedroom and improve health.

Save on Pillows and Cushions and Feel Great every Morning!

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 09:31

Discount Medical Supplies wants you to start the year with the best rest anyone can dream of.  Every morning get up on the right side of the bed with our Pillows and Cushions supplies. This week we have a brand new promo focused on this special category. 

Walkers vs. Rollators (Choosing the Proper Mobility Aid)

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 12:39

Are you in the process of buying a walker? If you have never bought one before, it might be a bit confusing. When you look into our Mobility Aids Category, you are confronted with many options to choose from. They all look like they could work, but which one exactly is the one for you or your loved one?  Buying a walker requires an analysis of who the walker is for, where it will be used and more. Let’s begin:

Save on ALL Respiratory Supplies at DMS this Week

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 12:29

This week we have a very special promotion at Discount Medical Supplies. Every year thousands of people around the world are born or diagnosed with asthma or another respiratory illness. This promo is especially for all of them and their caregivers.

Helping someone with Chronic Illness During Christmas

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 12:49

Christmas is a time of celebration and happiness for most of us, however not everyone awaits the season with the same excitement.  There are many who have a hard time during the season holidays because of chronic conditions.  The emotional and physical challenges can shoot down any hopes of a merry Christmas for many people.

15% Off on ALL Incontinence Products!

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 09:56

Once again Discount Medical Supplies has a great promo on all Incontinence Products. This promotion never gets old, and if you or someone you love suffers from any type of incontinence then you know how great this promotion can get for you.  

Drive Medical Products on Sale this Week at DMS

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 13:33

Some of the most popular products in our inventory are from Drive Medical Products. These medical supplies represent quality and trust. This week at Discount Medical Supplies all Drive Medical Products will be given a 10% off plus FREE Shipping! There will be no minimum purchase required.

Managing Diabetes During the Holidays

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 14:26

During the Christmas holidays we share with family, friends or colleagues several meals and dinners where certain food may contain high quantities of sugars and fats. There is no reason to give up all of this, but it must be taken into account that all these celebrations can cause a significant lack of control of diabetes. Therefore, it is advisable to take the appropriate measures. 

15% Off on ALL Electrodes – Minimum Order of $50.

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 10:58

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday you might have gotten the chance to buy an electrotherapy unit.  If you did not, don’t wait any longer, as regardless of the season, prices at Discount Medical Supplies are extremely affordable all year round. All electrotherapy units will need some good electrodes to go with them, and that is why this week we have a great promo so you can stock up on all the electrodes you need.