Weekly Specials


Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 16:43

This week we have a very special promotion for all doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists!  Look into our electrotherapy category and take your pick! This week when you order any tens unit or electrotherapy accessory and your order is over $185 you will get a 20% discount!

10% off on Wound Care Supplies!

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 10:42

If you are the type of person that always likes to be prepared for any situation then you know and value the importance of having wound care supplies at home. From a simple band aid to other more complex bandages and dressings, we all need to be ready to tend to scraped knees, but fingers and other more complicated bleeding situations.  

Our entire inventory just got cheaper! This week…

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 08:52

New week, new promo! This time we did not know what specific category to pick, so we picked them all! Discount Medical Supplies is happy to give you great discounts on any of our products. The amount of your order will determine your discount!

Incontinence Supplies on Sale!

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 10:52

Dealing with incontinence is never easy. Both the person with the condition and the caregiver are affected by incontinence.  One of the most important things to keep in mind is that to deal with incontinence is to make sure you always have the supplies you need at all times.

Breathe in and feel good!

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 10:28

This week brings a new breathtaking promotion…literally! From January 23rd to 29th our Respiratory Section will have a 10% discount! It does not matter the amount of your order, if you purchase from this category you are eligible for the discount. Whether it’s flu and allergy season or not, it is always good to have what you need to control any respiratory situations that might suddenly surface.

15% off list on all Bath and Shower Safety Products

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 09:37

Another week another promo! This time we put our focus on safety!  From today, January 16 until January 22nd, we will have a 15% off list on all Bath and Shower Safety Products.  Bathroom injuries are more common than you think, and while they are prone to happen mainly to the elderly, anyone can suffer a bath injury.  Even toddlers, when learning how to shower by themselves, can get hurt.

Fitness New Year’s Resolution? Make it happen with DMS!

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 09:17

Is getting back in shape one of your New Year’s Resolution? Do you have an injury that is stopping you from achieving your goal?  This week’s promotion is the solution for your problem. Recover faster and safer with our fitness supplies and enjoy a 10% discount off your order of $75 or more.

Ring in the New Year with Savings across the Board!

Submitted by Sebastian Morera on 09:18

There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than with some savings on your most needed medical supplies. Without a doubt Discount Medical Supplies has the best deals on the best products and we’re starting the year off by living up to that reputation. The best way to ensure success in 2017 is by starting off on the right foot. In other words; by taking advantage of these stellar deals!

Get the comfort you need and save on Pillows and Cushions!

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 12:53

After the holidays and family gatherings you might feel tired, restless and in need of a very well deserve sleep. That is why this week we have a wonderful promotion to go with that feeling. Save 10% on all orders in our Pillows and Cushions section!  When you don’t sleep well, especially if it happens to you often, your body starts suffering in many ways. Lack of sleep can lead to incapacitating medical conditions.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping? DMS has your back!

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 12:16

Ugh! The stress of last minute Christmas shopping! If you are one of those people running around trying to buy the gifts you forgot or didn’t have time to buy, then this is for you! And if you are not, it is also for you because who says you can’t treat yourself to a little something this week?