Weekly Specials

A 20% Off Post Christmas Sale!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 09:58

20 off post

Discount Medical Supplies is extremely happy to announce that we are giving all our practitioner customers a very special post-Christmas sale. We are excited to announce that we will be giving you with a 20% discount on all orders above $100. We continue to provide with great sales and opportunities to all our customers, and during this time of year we are not going to stop doing so. We take very seriously our mission of providing the best products at the absolute cheapest possible prices.

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Post Christmas Sales!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 10:38

christmas sales

Ready for some more sales? Forgot to get something because of the holidays? In need of some medical supplies ASAP? Discount Medical Supplies has got you covered, but we are ready to do you one better.  We are exclusively offering a 20% of your orders over $100 in purchases made to our online store. Yes, that’s a 20% discount that you can take advantage of. Who say’s only Christmas is the time for giving?

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It’s a 48 hour Madness Sale!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 10:19

48 hour madness

Discount Medical Supplies announces a 48 hours of sales happening exclusively for our customers this weekend! Over the course of Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st we will hold a very special and unique discount promotion that you will want to be a part of. Starting on Saturday all your orders that are over $100 will have a whopping 15% discount. This promotion is being for the entire selection of items in our online store! The savings keep on coming!

Through out the month of December Discount Medical Supplies has kept on bringing a cavalcade of specials and promotions for all our customers. We take pride of being the leading providers of medical suppliers at the lowest prices available. We have released this promotion for you to take advantage and get all the medical supplies that you need for your home, medical practice or even clinic. We offer products in wholesale and large quantities in case that you are looking to stock up on medical supplies. Our entire catalogue is of the absolute highest quality coming directly from the leading and most respected manufacturers and brands. We enjoy being able to give the people what the need, always.

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Looking for Last Minute Holiday Gifts? We have you covered!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 10:18

last minute promo
You probably heard this hundreds of times already but “is that time of the year”. We here at Discount Medical Supplies know that with all the running around, and the holidays, a lot of people might find themselves with not enough time to get all their Holiday shopping done. It’s ok, do not panic. If you are looking for that last minute gift and you want to make the best of it, fear not, we have you covered. Discount Medical Supplies is offering a very special during these days. Besides our widely known low prices, we are giving a 15% off on selected categories with a minimum order of $75. You can’t let this sale pass you by.

Our catalog is extensive, and you can be sure that we have all the supplies that you might need and, if you want to get a specific type of health and wellness supply you can get it here.  This week we will have this amazing discount available on a wide variety of products such as the Adam and Eve, flavored lubricants, or the TENS 7000, or the Curad Pediatric Arm Slings. You get the idea, we have practically everything. Go right ahead and check our different product categories and see for yourself.

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More Holiday Discounts!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 10:20

holiday discounts

The Holidays have gotten all of us here at Discount Medical Supplies in a cheerful spirit, and to keep celebrating we want to spread the joy to all our customers in the form of sales and savings all through the month of December. For our physician and doctor customers we have an exclusive discount of 15% on any orders over $150 on our entire inventory. That’s for all the items in our store a great opportunity to get all the medical supplies that you and your practice might need.

Discount Medical Supplies proudly stands by its reputation of being the supplier of top quality medical supplies and equipment at the lowest possible price. Our mission if to bring the best service to our customers the tools that you need to provide your patient with the best possible care, settings and service possible. As you probably already know our inventory is very extensive and complete, we cover almost every single aspect of health and well being, providing not only one, but several options to our customers so they have the capability of choosing precisely what they need. Additionally, we make sure that all the items in our online store are of the best possible quality, so satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Shop and Save 20% in Discount Medical Supplies!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 10:05

shoop and save

Tis the season here at Discount Medical Supplies and we are happy to keep on giving our loyal customers the best possible deals. This week we are releasing a very special promotion exclusively aimed to our doctor and practitioner customers. We are offering an unbeatable 20% discount on all orders over $150, for any of the items included in our online store. We keep on giving these exclusive promotions to show our appreciation to all our customers in this special holiday season.

Discount Medical Supplies has all the supplies that any doctor could use on their practice or consulting room. For private practices or even large clinics we have the supplies that you need to be able to keep providing your services to your patients. We have all sorts of tools and supplies, so you are more than welcomed to go ahead and explore the different possibilities that we hold for you. Furthermore, rest assured that our listed prices are the absolute lowest possible and that all our products are all from the highest possible quality. But, with our constant promotions and discounts we want to go even further down.

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We can’t stop giving out great deals!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 10:23

stop giving

Discount Medical Supplies keeps on giving out specials for all our customers and even more so during this holiday season. We are happy to announce that for this week we are giving a 15% discount on all orders of $75 or more. This great promotion applies to all the items in our online store, so if you were down because you missed our previous offers this is the time for you to get all the supplies that you need.

In our catalogue of merchandise we carry a long list of all sorts of medical items that can be of a great deal of use for different medical needs. We have extensive selections on different categories of products, all from the highest possible quality, at the cheapest possible price. We are the leading medical suppliers and we are constantly seeking ways to offer better deals for our customers. That’s why we are constantly announcing new and exciting deals, available to all our customers! This week we continue to give an awesome discounts making our prices stay the lowest.

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A Week Long sale of Diagnostic Supplies!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 15:09

week long specials

Announcing our special weekly sale at Discount Medical Supplies, this week we are having a 10% discount offer for all our Diagnostic Supplies in orders of minimum $100. That’s for all the items that can be found in this page. All week long you will be able to get any of these items at the absolute lowest prices available. This promotion is exclusive for our practitioner and physician customers who are looking to restock on any of these supplies.

In our everlasting commitment to always provide our customers with the best possible products at the absolute lowest possible price, we are constantly offering attractive deals on a weekly basis. Discount Medical Supplies constantly seeks to give our practitioner and physician customers direct access to the best tools available for them to fulfill their duties. That is way week after week we present a brand new deal for selected items in our store. This week we have a great new promotion that could be of great use for up and starting doctors or doctors looking to renovate their inventory.

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Announcing a 10% off on Analyzers and Monitors!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 15:10


Discount Medical Supplies is happy to announce our brand new weekly promotion, this time dedicated to all Blood Pressure monitors and Body Fat Analyzers. During this week only, we will give all our customers who purchase any of these items a 10% discount for any order over $75. That means that it is the perfect time to get any of these supplies. We continue on bringing our prices even lower for all our customers.

In our very vast catalogue of merchandise, we include a large amount of Blood Pressure Monitors for either professional or personal home use. For example, we carry the very popular Standard Semi-Automatic Arm Digital Blood Pressure monitor, among many others that you will be able to find in our store. As for Body Fat Analyzers, we offer two varieties for you to choose from: Skinfold calipers and Electronic Fat Analyzers.  In this page you will find the ideal pair of items for a close watch of your blood pressure and your body fat. We kindly invite you to go ahead and check our page and see for yourself!

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48 Hours of SAVINGS!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 15:11


This weekend Discount Medical Supplies is holding a brand new weekend promo sale for all our loyal customers. Starting Saturday December 6th, all our Personal Care Products will have a 10%. This is a one of a kind deal that you can’t afford to miss. This special offer will let you have access to any of the wonderful products we have under this category at the absolute lowest price.  So make sure you log in this Saturday and get all the supplies you need.

In the Personal Care Products section you will be Hygiene, Relaxation products, Personal Care Pillows and Cushions, skin care, and sexual health, among others. We have all the bases covered so you can get anything you need to better your personal care. We constantly are adding more products to our catalogue and we keep expanding the variety of products that we are able to offer you. Currently we have a large selection of very sought after products for personal care, which is why we are going from lower to lowest with this weekend’s promotion.

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