Weekly Specials

Introducing Electrode Week!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 13:25

Electrode week
For the week starting May 26th and until June 1st, Discount Medical Supplies is holding a very special promotion for all our customers. Introducing Electrode Week! During this period of time we will be offering a very special discount of 15% on all electrodes. That’s right, ALL of them, for orders above $200.

We at Discount Medical Supplies are very aware that many of our customers are users and believer of the many great benefits of Electrotherapy. And all electrotherapy users understand that with time of use, replacements are needed, therefore we have created Electrode Week. A week for you to restock on electrodes for your TENS units, EMS devices and Combo machines.  We invite you to browse our extensive catalogue of electrodes varying in many shapes, sizes and materials. As experts in electrotherapy will tell you, when you purchase one of these devices it is highly advisable to make the investment and get extra electrodes so spares will be available for you at all times.

You can take advantage of this special deal starting today! All you have to do is, when placing an order over $200, at check-out enter the special coupon code “ELECTROW” and you will get a 15% discount on all the electrodes you purchase in your order. Try it now, as this special deal is for a limited time only! The offer expires on June 1st.

Discount medical Supplies’ Memorial Week Special!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 13:19

Memorial week special

To commemorate this special week, Discount Medical Supplies announce its new special promotion for all our customers. During this memorial week, starting on Monday May 19th, every order placed over $200 will have a 10% off on the entire order! This limited time promotion is available throughout our store and can be yours by entering the coupon code “MEMORIAL” at checkout.

In order to celebrate this special holiday we remember those who proudly and bravely served to defend and fight for freedom, we extend our sentiment of gratitude and respect for them. During this very special week, here at Discount Medical Supplies, in an effort to give something special for our customers, we offer you this special promotion that you can go ahead and take advantage of RIGHT NOW!

So to take advantage of our very special Memorial Week promotion, what you need to do is, when you are placing your order, at checkout enter the special coupon code “MEMORIAL”, and you will receive a 10% discount off your $200 or above order. This is a limited special offer, starting May 19th and it expires May 25th.

Discount Medical Supplies wishes you and your family a very happy Memorial Week! 

This week’s Special! Pneu Neck II for Only $24.95!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 13:34

Pneu neckII

.Continuing with our efforts to provide the best deals for our customers, Discount Medical Supplies announces its new very special deal. Starting this coming May 12th, the Pneu Neck II will have the very special low price of just $24.95! Yes, that’s a discounted price off an ALREADY discounted price. To get this excellent price, enter the coupon code “PNEU” when you are checking out.

The Pneu Neck II is a cervical collar that adjusts with air to gently help relieve the neck area, headaches and shoulder stiffness; it is also a great tool to help you alleviate stress. Its design boosts patient comfort as the device’s material velour cover and design help you adjust to achieve a position that can alleviate pressure. How it works is, once you place the device on your neck and begin to inflate it, it will physically separate cervical vertebrae to ease the pressure on pinched nerves or herniated or bulging cervical discs.

So when you are placing your order, at check out enter the coupon code: “PNEU” and you will get the Pneu Neck II for only $24.95. This offer is for sa limited time only as this coupon code expires on may 18th, so go ahead and take advantage of this great opportunity!

DMS Special Offer! 10% off in ALL TENS Units!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 13:22

All tens unit

Discount Medical Supplies is happy to announce that starting Monday May 5th we will launch a special limited time offer for our customers. On all orders over $200 we are offering 10% on all TEN Units. Make sure that you use the special coupon code “TENS10” upon checking out to get you special discount an all TENS units.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) Therapy is a modern pain relief alternative that has been gaining on popularity because it is effective, non-invasive, virtually painless, low-risk nerve stimulation with the intention to relief chronic pain. If you are dealing with acute discomfort and pain, this might option might just do wonders for you.

If you are new to the world of TENS therapy this is a great opportunity on getting a new TENS device that will fit your needs. We invite you to browse our large selection of devices available to your, also if you require guidance you can also browse our different product reviews for our TENS units, so you can get a better idea of what you might be looking for.

When placing your order over $200 with us at DMS, remember to enter the special coupon code “TENS10” during your checkout and you will get a 10% discount on all TENS units! This special offer is for a limited time only. This offer expires on May 11th 2014. 


Great News! Save 10% on your Entire Order!

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Discount Medical Supplies just issued their latest promo! This is great news! Save 10% on your entire order! This promo will be valid only for this week, April 14th until April 20th. A special promotion created for Easter and Passover week. Any DMS customer is welcome to use this offer on their next purchase.

Whether it's for a couple of lead wires for your TENS unit, gauze, insulin syringes, or even a wheelchair, they all get to have this special discount during this week. Discount Medical Supplies cares for its customer and wants to offer the best service in the market.

All you have to do is benefit from this promo of 10% off on all already-low prices on over 40000 products that Discount Medical Supplies has to offer. The promo goes for all orders made from their distinguished customers. Go ahead, take advantage of this great offer! Just use the coupon promo code “EASTER10” on your next order and you should be good to go! Visit the Discount Medical supplies Store section and look for the product you need now before it’s late! Get that 10% discount on your order!



Attention Doctors! 10% Discount on all TENS units!

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Spread the word! Discount Medical Supplies lets you save 10% on all TENS units for this week only on purchases made by healthcare providers. This just in! 10% Discount on all TENS units! The promo goes from April 14th until next April 20th, a special offer for Easter and Passover week.

A TENS unit is used to treat muscle and joint pains that could be acute or chronic. With the transcutaneous (penetrates the skin) electrical nerve stimulation therapy (TENS therapy) you get a versatile and effective non invasive form of pain treatment.

There is a vast variety of TENS units in the Discount Medical Supplies storerooms, each with different characteristics. However, they all use a common set of accessories; electrodes and lead wires. To know the proper placement for each type of pain, check out our electrodes infographic. Go ahead and visit our TENS articles in the Health News section for more specific information on what they are and which might be the best for you and your patients.

Don’t let this opportunity escape! Use the coupon promo code “EASTER” if you are a health provider on your TENS unit purchase now before it’s too late! Get that 10% discount! Visit the TENS section on Discount Medical Supplies today!


10% Cyber Monday Blowout at Discount Medical Supplies

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What better way to welcome the beautiful month of December than with a promotion that will blow your mind?  Valid only for today, December 2nd, Discount Medical Supplies will give all doctors and practitioners a 10% off their total orders.  To apply this Cyber Monday Blowout, simply type in "cyber" as your coupon code and that will automatically deduct the amount from your order.

Discount Medical Supplies  is committed to deliver the best prices on the internet on every brand name product in our catalog, and if to this equation you add our Cyber Monday Blowout promotion, the impact on your pocket will be one that will make you smile.


The best Black Friday Medical Supply Promotions

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The finest promotions for healthcare practitioners this Black Friday are right here on Discount Medical Supplies.  Our prices are low all year long, but these special, limited time offers will succeed in giving you something to truly be thankful for.  Save up to 78% on TENS units, ultrasound devices, commode liner boxes, cervical traction collars, and back braces. Do not miss on the opportunity to save big while at the same time keeping your patients happy with top quality medical supplies to go along with what we’re sure is your professional attitude and impeccable service. This is without a doubt a win/win situation for your practice.
TENS units are perfect for chiropractors’ offices, physical therapists, massage therapy, and sports medicine, just to name a few examples. Save up to 59% on the TENS 3000, a device with three modes and a timer, up to 31% on the TENS 7000, a dual channel, 5-mode digital unit; and up to 29% on the TENS 7000 To Go, an innovative treatment for lower back pain that substitutes a conductive electrode belt for the familiar electrode pads. This product is the evolution of the TENS 7000 and it can be yours at an extra special price.

Save 10% on All Pillows and Cushions

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Do you -or someone you know- not find yourself comfortable when sitting or laying down? Is the way that you sleep taking a toll on your neck, back, shoulders, and the rest of your body? If the answer to either or both of those questions is a yes, then this may be the perfect time to solve your posture problems. All you have to do is take advantage of this Discount Medical Supplies offer that slashes 10% off all pillows and cushions (which are already at all-time low prices, to be honest). You can’t put a price on your comfort and your health, but if you could, it would officially be ten percent cheaper right now.
Our cushions stabilize and support the user’s body.  Furthermore, their high quality foam contours the sitting area and promotes a proper, upright position. Cushions are not only to sit on, though. There are other models for the user to rest their feet, relaxing and protecting them. With these discounted cushions you will certainly be sitting pretty. However, cushions serve many other purposes as well.

All Incontinence Products on Sale

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Caregivers and incontinence patients who take care of themselves will be treated to a little savings from now and until Sept. 22nd.  Discount Medical Supplies will give you $10 OFF on all incontinence products simply by applying coupon code "10INCON"
The word "disposable" says it all.  It is the equivalent of constant trips to the store and extra expenses on diapers, pads, briefs and others every single week. So not only will we avoid those trips out of the house for you, but we will also help you save a considerable amount of money when you place an order for any incontinence supply you need. Our prices are discounted as it is and throwing in an extra $10 OFF coupon makes us the perfect place to buy what you need.