What are the best Discount Medical Options for Catheters?

Options for catheters

Shopping for catheters can be tricky, specially when browsing an extensive catalogue of options, but a good discount medical alternative to match your needs is possible. We have gathered some of the best regarded and viewed  catheters in the market and we have prepared a comprehensive list of the ones that should be your top choices whenever you go and purchase a new catheter. We have perused our products and hand picked some of the options based on a criteria of, reviews, customer feedback, pricing and manufacturing. Of course, each catheter is different from the rest and some might apply or adapt better to different options, but nonetheless these options here are the ones that stand out from the rest.

The Easy Cath Intermittent Urethral Catheter is a female catheter that is notoriously recognized for being easy to use and designed for self–catherization. It is a discount medical appliance that is among our top sellers, as it is comfortable to catherize and leave on by patients. It is at 6” Length, French size, 14 Fr.

For male catheters, one of the best regarded catheters is the Apogee Intermittent Catheter. Its design is also made for self-catherization in the easiest way possible. These latex-free catheters are made to have smooth eyelets that are designed to provide comfort on insertion and removal. In our catalogue we carry them on different sizes to better accommodate your needs.

For pediatric needs, for both male and female, we have the Invacare Personal Pediatric Catheter. These sterile, latex-free catheters are ideal to handle any pediatrics need. They come in both male and female presentations. They are easy to apply and to prevent any damage to the patient they are made with all-silicone, making it softer than any regular standard catheter. It also features a nonstick surface thanks to the advanced polymers on the design itself. Another attractive feature for this catheter is that it has a discount medical price listing, making it easy to access.

Finally, and very importantly, to add to this list it is important to keep always some surgical lubricant to make the insertion of the catheters easier. For this we recommend that you get the Surgilube Surgical Lubricant. If you are getting a catheter, male or female, it is advisable that you get some lubricant as it sterilizes and lubricates the catheter making the insertion comfortable and safe. So when placing your order for your discount medical goods, include this in your order.

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