What are Incontinence Adult Belted Undergarments?

Incontinence adult belted undergarments are one of the best means for remaining dry after an incontinence incident, as well as reducing the need for a change of clothes or bed sheets. Also known as belted shields, adult undergarments basically consist of large rectangles of absorbent material fitted with two elastic bands on the tops along each side of the waist. The elastic belts are more often than not held in place by buttons for application of new pads or removal of soiled pads. They resemble adult diapers when they are worn, though they are nowhere nearly as bulky as full incontinence undergarments while at the same time being a lot more comfortable to wear.
Adult belted undergarments have a tried and true record of being a reliable alternative for many individuals who have experienced incontinence for years. These products are not constrained by limits of size or shape, and items like the Prevail Belted Shields (available at Discount Medical Supplies) are manufactured with a ‘one size fits most’ mentality. Even though belted undergarments offer body protection for people of average size and built, they may not supply a proper barrier against bowel incontinence or for a larger person. Thus, adult belted undergarments should not be used instead of the toilet, as long as one is reachable.

The most recent belted shields designs provide are thick enough to keep moisture from coming into contact with the skin. On the other hand, users will find these new adult undergarments to be more comfortable and discreet, providing them with a lot more room to move around without having to be self-conscious or afraid that they will be labeled as ‘diaper wearers’. Adult belted undergarments come in different levels of absorbency, so consumers should exercise care when selecting the most appropriate models for a particular user’s individual needs and requirements.
 Among the features that incontinence belted undergarments include are reusable belts, pH reducing fibers for increased skin comfort, leg gathers to prevent leakage, reusable elastic strap for a tight fit, quite and rustle-free material, wetness indicators, absorbent polymers to increases skin dryness, multilayered core to enhance absorbency, Target Acquisition Zone that puts absorbency where needed the most, and Blue Stay-Dry layer which locks away fluid for extra dryness. Additionally, DMS also carries other incontinence products like bedpans, urinals, underpads, and bedwetting alarms.