What is the best commode liner?

Once you get a commode, the following quandary can be summed up thus: ‘What is the best commode liner?’ For starters, the ideal commode liner needs to be very absorbent. Most modern liners contain an absorbent agent that turns liquid waste into a solid gel for ease of collection, transportation and disposal, and to do away with spills and splashes for good. Other desired features in a commode liner are the ability to regulate odor and prevent nosocomial infections, a convenient size that fits most commodes while avoiding soiling it, and in general that it improves that it increases the comfort of patients, caregivers, and relatives alike. 
A commode liner should be easy to use and dispose of. Basic instructions for use include opening the pack and unrolling the first liner by along the perforated line, placing the liner in the commode making sure that it is folded over the edge of the bucket, and throwing the used liner into the garbage; do not flush commode liners down the toilet. When liquids hit the liner’s absorbent core, the polymer inside it transforms the fluid into solid, while at the same time neutralizing the odor.

When positing the question ‘What is the best commode liner?’ one ought to think not only of the patient, but also of the caregiver. Liners as we have described them so far are ideal for the latter because with them there is no need for staff to come into contact with human waste, thereby decreasing cross contamination. As a matter of fact, with the right liner you won’t have to wash, rinse, or even touch a commode anymore. Even the person for whom the commode is intended might be able to use liners without assistance, if they have retained at least a modicum of mobility and lucidity.
Commode liners are disposable so if the brand you purchase is not your cup of tea you can always switch later on. In addition to comparing prices and features, one key to finding the best commode liner is to read other customers’ comments and reviews. You would be surprised to find out how many people have your same requirements or are in similar situations as yours, and that can give you a pretty good idea of which commode liner would be right for your wants and needs, and also which one would not be such a sound choice.

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