What are the best Incontinence Mattress Protectors?

Mattress protectors

Urinary Incontinence is a condition that affects more than 200 million people around the globe, more locally in the US, 1 out of 3 women and 1 in 8 men are affected by this uncomfortable ailment. However technology has brought a great relief to those experiencing U.I and in this piece you can know what are the best incontinence mattress protectors.

First, we must understand why these incontinence mattress protectors are used and what is their main goal. They are created to protect the health of the person lying on them and also of course protect the mattress from any possible incontinence leak, bed bugs, or other skin irritants. Depending on their size, they are made to cover only a small space of the bed or can be big enough to secure the entire surface. These are also handy to use on chairs or sofas.

It is important to know which one fits best the surface you will be using it on and if it is comfortable for the user, for example some are made of plastic and could turn very hot during the time they are used.


Apart of absorbing fluids they protect those prone to have skin allergies related to bed irritants. They are commonly used in hospitals and clinic to protect the patient. You will find them in a reusable form or disposable. These last are the most sought incontinence mattress protectors for the easiness of just throwing them away if there is a fluid spreading.

In the Bed Pads & Underpads / Mattress Protectors section in Discount Medical Supplies is exactly where you will find a great variety of all shapes and sizes of incontinence mattress protectors. All available individually or in bulk. Publicly recognized high quality brands are all part of this list: TENA, Prevail, Attends, Kendall Healthcare, Medline Industries are among the manufacturers that carefully create these and other incontinence products for the comfort of the patient.

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