What Can You Have On a Liquid Diet?


Many worry or stresses on the factor of what can you have on a liquid diet. And not necessarily because if they are getting their proper nutrients, also because they are not sure what they can eat and they probably are misinformed of what a liquid diet allows for them to have. That is why it is important to establish first the ‘type’ of liquid diet that was ordered.

There are four different liquid diets:

Clear Liquid Diet

Involves the ingestion of only transparent liquid foods. Not containing solid particulates.

Full Liquid Diet

Involves both clear and opaque liquid foods with a smooth consistency.

Lactose-free Liquid Diet

A liquid diet that doesn’t include any foods that have milk or cheese in it.

Lower Fiber Liquid Diet

This diet requires avoiding or lowering the intake of fiber in ones diet.


For each diet, the plan changes what can you have on a liquid diet.

On a clear liquid diet, the aim is to not leave any undigested residue in your intestinal tract. This diet is prescribed for certain medical procedures or in cases that you might be experiencing digestive problems. This diet normally is discontinued within a few days.

A Full liquid diet involves for liquids of smooth consistency. For starters you are recommended to drink plenty of water, juices and nectars. If you are unable to get accustomed to drinking them, we suggest Thickened Juice as an alternative for this diet. A full liquid diet might be ordered by your doctor due to trouble swallowing, so if that is the case, another way to aid your diet is by adding Thick-It 2 Concentrated Food thickener to your meals, such as pudding for example, this makes for the meal to be richer and plentiful. Food items that are allowed on the menu for a Liquid diet are:

  • Ice Cream and froze yogurt. It has to be plain with no solid toppings like nuts or chocolate chips.
  • Sugarm syrups and honey are allowed
  • You may have tea and coffee with milk
  • Sodas such as Ginger-Ale and Lime flavored sodas. Clear sodas.
  • Nutritional liquid supplement, like shakes are also contemplated on this diet. For example, Ensure Shakes.
  • For some liquid diets, some cereals like oatmeal are allowed, also cream of wheat and cream of rice. And, depending on your doctor’s considerations you might be able to add mashed potatoes to the menu as well.

‘Surviving’ a Liquid Diet is simple and elaborating a balanced diet of foods that are tasty and nutritious is possible. At Discount Medical Supplies you will be able to find different aids for you to be able to go through a Liquid Diet, but it is important that you stick you the doctor’s orders always.

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