What does a wound care nurse do?

Wise Geek notes that a wound care nurse is a medical professional who specializes in taking care of patients suffering from any kind of wound.  These nurses are responsible for monitoring the progress of the healing process of the patient’s wounds.  

Wound care nurses are important members of a wound management team that are given the task of keeping an eye on the patient’s wound, as it heals. They have to make regular checks on the patient and change his dressings from time to time, to make sure that the wound heals quickly without the development of any complications.  

Duties Performed by a Wound Care Nurse

The following are some of the main duties that a nurse performing wound care has to perform, as part of her job as noted by Reply.

•    Evaluation of the skin around the wound to check for any pressure sores that might have developed there.  

•    Applying medication on open wounds and changing the dressing on the closed ones.

•    Taking all measures to limit the chances of an infection happening.

•    Prescribing antibiotics if an infection does occur.    

A wound care nurse is a very tedious healthcare profession that requires total commitment and dedication. Since you are responsible for the safe recovery of a patient from an injury, you have to remain vigilant at all times and keep your eyes out for any signs of infection so that you can treat the symptoms, as an when they appear.  

How to Become a Wound Care Nurse

According to Wise Geek, becoming a wound care nurse is not that difficult. It only requires you to do the following things.   

•    Taking extra classes for wound care while completing your education in a nursing school.

•    Getting as much experience as possible of using the wound care supplies such as wound care tapes and dressings.

•    Obtaining a wound care certification by enrolling in the Certified Wound Care Nurses (CWCN) program.

In order to become a successful nurse in your chosen field it is necessary that you make yourself mentally tough.  This is necessary because you would have to treat gruesome wounds that would be hard for you to even look at.

Overall, wound care nurses play a vital role in the rehabilitation of a person suffering from a serious wound. They do the most important job of overseeing the wound’s healing process until it is completely cured.