What the EMS 5.0 Can and Can’t Do?

The EMS 5.0 is an electronic muscle stimulator. As such, it can be used to treat knee pain and post-injury muscle atrophy, just to name a couple of examples. In fact, there are many more things that this device can do, but that doesn’t mean it can do it all. It’s important to be aware of the unit’s limitations in order to maximize its benefits. For example, the EMS 5.0 doesn’t cause discomfort; not only is it well tolerated, but it is fitted with controls to decrease its level of intensity, should it become bothersome.
The EMS 5.0 can give you quite a boost in several areas. First, it can increase strength as shown by many studies. One such study recorded a 20% increase in quad strength in untrained participants. Second, EMS increases circulation. Lower frequencies of approximately 7 to 9 Hz can increase blood flow to a specific muscle or group of muscles, reducing inflammation and speeding recovery. Finally, this therapy device also increases muscle recruitment, or the progressive activation of a muscle by successive recruitment of contractile units. Muscle recruitment is like as not the responsible for part of the strength gains in EMS rehabilitation. 
Additionally, the EMS 5.0 can, contrary to general belief, activate deep muscles. EMS stimulation takes place on the surface, but there are superficial nerves that control deeper muscles. Thus, even low levels of stimulation can reach well beyond the surface. Theoretically speaking, EMS could also be used for the treatment of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), thanks to the circulation-enhancing effect we discussed above. 
On the other hand, what the EMS 5.0 can’t do is reduce weight. EMS therapy doesn’t help users burn fat or calories, and any advertisement stating otherwise is absolutely false. However, by strengthening and toning muscles, and rehabilitating them when they are injured, the EMS 5.0 can indeed enable you to take on more physical activity, which can in turn help you burn those calories and fat that we spoke of. As a matter of fact, there is no reason the EMS 5.0 can’t be used as part of your regular training. It would be wise as well to work together with a doctor, therapist, or trainer –or all of them- to establish guidelines for the better use of the EMS 5.0.