What is Galvanic Stimulation?

What exactly is galvanic electrical stimulation? According to Wisegeek, this is a type of electrotherapy that utilizes a direct current which is placed over specific areas of the body. The therapy works by changing blood circulation and its flow. It can be used in wound healing, pain relief and to stimulate muscles and nerves. There are many health care implications for this type of therapy.
Advantages of Galvanic Stimulation
Galvanic electrical stimulation boasts many advantages in the arena of health care. Some of these benefits include:
This type of therapy is especially helpful when it comes to severe injuries. This is especially true in terms of tissue trauma that involves bleeding or swelling. 
This therapy contrasts with TENS therapy since it applies a direct current instead of an alternating current.
Not only can this treatment be applied in a doctor’s office but in a patient’s home as well. 
Wound healing time is reduced with galvanic electrical stimulation. 
Not only is pain reduced, but this type of therapy works great for overall pain management.
The impulses are strong enough to override the feelings of pain that a patient is experiencing.

Types of Galvanic Stimulation Devices
There are many different types of galvanic electrical stimulation devices to choose from. 
A few of those include:
Galvanic PGS 123 is one of the best galvanic devices and comes highly recommended by doctors. It is used in the arena of pain treatment, swelling reduction, improved blood circulation and a decrease in muscle spasms. The stimulation can be controlled through an output intensity that can be adjusted.
Galvanic Ultra-G is a high voltage device that utilizes a twin peaked waveform. This device is able to get to higher levels of voltage to offer superior treatment. Each pulse lasts a shorter amount of time. This unit also features two active outputs.
GV 350 Galvanic High-Volt Pulsed Stimulator by Invacare Supply Group is used to alleviate pain, increase blood circulation and range of motion, reduction of inflammation and muscles spasms. This aids in the repair of soft tissue and helps speed up the recovery of wounds.
While galvanic electrical stimulation is a very effective treatment, it is not for everybody. Since the current is stronger than other forms of electrotherapy, a patient needs to be properly assessed prior to receiving treatment. To find out if this is the best option for you, you can reach out to a health care professional.