What parts of the body does the EMS 5.0 benefit?

The EMS 5.0 can benefit such diverse areas of the body as the stomach, hips, bottom, upper arms, chest and shoulders, legs (thighs and calves), and chest and shoulders. The key to a flat stomach is weight reduction, to which electrical muscle stimulation can contribute by singling out individual stomach muscles for training and stimulation. The abdomen has many different muscles, but it is the central one that is decisive for a lean stomach, as well as essential to a proper upper body posture. 
The bottom also contains several strong muscles, which are sadly the prey of fat and cellulite; two conditions that are not easily addressed in this area of the body in particular. However, shape may be considerably improved by building bottom muscles with the EMS 5.0. Cellulite is an issue that also affects the legs, especially the tights and calves. The absence of trained muscles here may be easily solved with localized muscle training in the both the front and the back of the thighs and calves. 

The upper arms are often the victim of flabby and poorly defined skin, and it’s not uncommon that their shape (or lack thereof) leaves plenty to be desired. The EMS 5.0 can bring some much required muscular work to these areas, improving circulation in the sides as well as the reverse of the two upper arms, where movement is most sorely needed. As for the chest and shoulders, growing chest muscles has a positive influence on posture and movement in the entire upper body. 
Regardless of the part of the body that you wish to treat with the EMS 5.0 unit , the placement of the electrode pads is instrumental in getting the desired results. Generally speaking, two electrode pads are placed over the bulk of the muscle, and one more electrode on the muscle’s motor point. The motor point is the part of the skin nearest to the motor nerve’s entry to the muscle; that is, approximately one third of the way down the muscle from the spine. This is where users can more easily trigger an electrically induced contraction. However, users are encouraged to try different positions in order to pinpoint the site where the cleanest contraction takes place. Note that large muscles or muscle groups may warrant the use of two channels and four electrode pads. 

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