What you need to know about the InTENSity Select Combo 4?

Upon first look the InTENsity Select Combo 4-in-1 is a small, simple looking device. But in this case, is better not to judge a book by its cover. This unit is the flagship of the InTENSity digital series. Its main feature, and what draws so many people to it is how it offers four different levels of waveform, giving this unit impressive and well-known versatility. However, is this the Unit worth the purchase? We at Discount Medical Supplies will help you answer that question.

The main features that the InTENSity Combo boast is its mobility and how it can deliver the great performance rivaling those of clinical devices. It offers the capability of providing TENS, EMS, Inferential (IF) and Microcurrent. These four different types can really provide so many options of treatment from pain management to rehabilitation.  It also has fully adjustable settings for Pulse Rate, Width and Wave Form. In total has 14 preset modes, but each mode also has the capability of harboring custom settings by the user.  For its size it is very powerful in all four modes, and to make it more convenient it comes with a AC adaptor so it can extend the battery life as it can reduce their use considerably. It is dual channel, and it comes with two separate set of lead wires and a pack of four electrode pads that are reusable and ideal for initial use.


Now, the main question is for those on the fence about getting this unit is if so many features are necessary, because in comparison with other units in the market it is one of the pricier items. If you are seeking to purchase a TENS unit, or any electrotherapy item, you can be sure that this is one of the best items available in the market. But if you are still not sure about electrotherapy and are not quite sure about it there are items in our catalogue at a more economic pricing, so you can start there. Items like the TENS 3000 or the TENS 7000 are great alternatives, but keep in mind that they are just TENS units, while the InTENSity Combo 4 has additional features and beyond. So it really comes to a decision of what do you need this machine for.

The InTENSity Combo 4 has a great reputation for good reason. It is one of the best units available at the market currently, and if you want to own a device that is reliable and constantly provides great performance this is the unit for you.

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