What is a TENS 3000 used for?

The TENS 3000 unit is a portable, mobile device that can be used on the go at any time. It is idea for those with an active life that suffer from chronic pain. The TENS 3000 unit helps mitigate pain by sending electric impulses through your nerve system, by blocking pain signals sent to the brain. This device can sooth pain and provide in some cases up to several hours of no pain at all.

TENS therapy is the use of electric impulses directly on the nerve system to ease pain; its major benefits are that it is a drug free therapy. It represents a great alternative for users with chronic pain. However this treatment is not entirely for everybody, as it gathers different reactions from its users. Everybody experiences differently, while some people claim to have absolute pain relief from the use of a TENS Unit, there are some who experience no change at all. It is advised that before you try it that you consult with your doctor and try this therapy before purchasing a TENS Unit.

TENS Therapy is perfectly safe and it is steadily growing in popularity among physicians all over the world, ever since the beginnings of Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). Now, with the availability of more portable devices, such as the TENS 3000, patients suffering from chronic pain can use it any time they need it. You may place the electrode underneath your clothes and receive the impulses while you work, study or otherwise, however it should be noted that some precautions need to be taken for the use of this device.

The TENS 3000 will help you ease all sorts of muscular pain of a chronic nature. From your limbs to lower and upper body, to your neck, if you are in pain and require some relief you can place the electrodes and have the machine working for 30 minutes or as recommended by your physician. The TENS unit allows you to keep an active life and not let pain take control of your daily life. The device itself is as large as the palm of your hand and it includes a sturdy belt clip so you can keep it with you at all times. It is fairly easy to operate as it was designed for patient use, but still it is recommended that you follow your doctor’s instructions and read very closely the manufacturer’s manual for additional information. 

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