Wheel Chair Accessories: Cushions, Bags and More

As human beings who grow and age we go through stages, many of which are defined by wheels. When we’re little, we get our first set of wheels in the form of a tricycle or bicycle. Then we move on to cars and motorbikes which are powered by an engine. As our physical health starts to decline, or if we’re afflicted by certain conditions, we do get what may very well be our last set of wheels; a wheelchair. Curiously enough, a wheelchair can be propelled manually like a bicycle, but it can also have a motor just like a car. And like many means of transportation, it can be enhanced with a series of accessories.
One such accessory would be a drainage bag. As its name implies, the work of these bags is to avoid spillage while the user is seated in the wheelchair; urinary drainage, for instance. Once a person is immobilized to the point of moving around in a wheelchair, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine they also suffer from, say, incontinence, or that they simply have problems getting to and using a bathroom. A wheelchair drainage bag holder from Discount Medical Supplies is made with poly/cotton, is attached to the frame of the wheelchair with 100% polyester straps, and can be easily adjusted thanks to three separate snap positions.

It’s also not very difficult to imagine that a wheelchair-bound patient is going to spend a lot of their time sitting on said wheelchair. An accessory specifically made to make spending all that time in a more comfortable and proper position is the wheelchair foam cushion. It not only provides a slip-proof surface, but it also adapts to the contour of the seating area while protecting the user from pressure ulcers. A similar product is the bariatric foam wheelchair cushion
Other useful wheelchair accessories include footrests for Tracer and 9000 wheelchairs (composite foot plates without heel loops), and legrests also for Tracer and 9000 wheelchairs. Both footrests and legrests are made to provide for easy transfers. In addition to the cushions we mentioned above, there are foot friendly cushions that are easily attached to legrests with Velcro straps. A wheelchair doesn’t have to be as uncomfortable as the wooden models that were used in the early 20th century; these and other accessories may be found at Discount Medical Supplies to improve your experience.