Tip: When NOT to use a TENS Unit

Since they were created TENS units have shown to be one of the best solutions for pain relief.  Side effects have not been known so far even if TENS units are used over a long period of time.  Regardless of that it is important for you to keep the following tips and information in mind when using a TENS unit.

First and most important aspect to know is when NOT to use a Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit.  These are some of the most important ones to keep in mind so if you suffer from any of the following conditions it will exclude you as a  user:

1. Having a pacemaker or a cardiac arrhythmia

2. If you suffer from epilepsy

3. If you are pregnant

4. If you suffer from cancer

5. If you have suffered an injury to the head

6. If you have impaired circulation

It is also crucial to pay attention to your skin and how it reacts to the electrotherapy. 

1. Never ignore any signs of an allergic reaction caused by the electrodes.  If you see the development of an irritation, you must discontinue the use of the device and consult with your physician.

2. Never put electrodes on your skin if you have any cuts or open wounds.

3.  You should never apply electrodes to skin that does not feel normal. If there is numbness or any other sensation that is out of the ordinary the electrodes should not be placed there.

Last but not least make sure you never place electrodes in the following body locations:

1.  Over the anterior side of your head

2. On a pregnant patient's belly

3. On your eyes

4. On patients under 12

5. Near to the location of a malignant tumor.