Where can you get Bariatric Incontinence Supplies?

bariatric incontinence supplies

Us here at Discount Medical Supplies know that plenty of our customers are looking for Bariatric Incontinence Supplies when they are browsing on our online store. As physicians and caregivers, we understand that sensible supplies such as these should be easy to find at all times. That is why we have created a whole brand-new category entirely made of all for Bariatric Supplies. In this category you will find all our products that are specially made for patients of this condition. Among these products you will see our list of incontinence products specially aimed and designed for bariatric patients.

When a bariatric patient is facing some bladder control issues, it should be addressed properly and quickly to avoid any harm to their skin and to their quality of life. Incontinence problems can also have a toll emotionally on people who suffer from it, and added to that bariatric patients are very susceptible of having a very fragile self-esteem. That is why, in order to bring them comfort and dignity our Bariatric Incontinence Supplies are measured up to the highest quality standards by all the brands that we carry in our catalogue.

Amongst the many different options that we have available for you we have from disposable diapers for heavy incontinence to seamless knit pants for subtler cases of incontinence. These products range from different plus sizes to accommodate virtually any body shape of bariatric patients. Some of these supplies like the Dignity Boxer, are designed to appear and feel as normal and regular underwear, but with added protection to avoid any leakage due to incontinence.

Also, for bedridden patients, we carry on our catalogue overnight and long lasting, enduring disposable briefs that can face the heaviest cases of incontinence and prolonged use without hindering and endangering the patient’s skins well being. Products like the Tranquility Premium Overnight Protective Underwear, they can provide much needed comfort and peace of mind for both the patient and the caregiver. They are designed to provide extra leakage protection for uninterrupted sleep and extended wear time, at night or during the day for bedridden patients.

Finally, another example of products that might be of a great deal of help for bariatric patients, are those briefs for more active people, those who are mobile and can still lead a normal life. Bariatric Incontinence Supplies like the Prevail Bariatric Adult Brief.  Products like this one, allow for the patient to wear the brief underneath their clothing and still let them be able to lead a normal life. 

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