Where to buy a stethoscope?

If you find yourself in the need of getting one of these devices, you must first learn the different types before you know where to buy a stethoscope.

The stethoscope is a diagnosis tool used for auscultation, which literally means: listening to the internal sounds of the body. This device is mainly used to listen to the circulatory system (namely the heart and heartbeats), the respiratory system (breath sounds) and the gastrointestinal system (specifically, bowel sounds).  The stethoscope has become almost as a universal symbol almost synonymous for medical assistance.
In modern times, and with many advances in technology and auscultation advances, there are several options available on the market. It is always recommended that you be informed properly on to what is it that you are requiring before making your decision. 
The traditional acoustic stethoscope is the most common for most people. It features a chest piece that by air-filled hollow tubes transmits sound to the earpieces. The chest piece traditionally is constituted by two sides that can be placed against the patient to sense sounds from inside the body. The chest piece can be either a diaphragm that will have sounds vibrate creating acoustic pressure waves, or it can be a bell or hollow cup the vibration on of the skin produces acoustic pressure waves that travel to the earpieces. 

The electronic stethoscope is a more advanced instrument, it is popular because one of the major advances it has is that it electronically amplifies body sounds. This type of stethoscopes adapts acoustic sound waves and it converts them to electronic signals that can be augmented for a clearer sound. The other great advantage of the electronic variety of stethoscopes is that some even have the capability of recording the sounds it registers. This feature can provide a very valuable tool for remote diagnosis and teaching. 
Before you go on and browse the options available on the market, you will see that there are a great variety of brands, types and price range. We strongly recommend that if you are interested in getting one for home use, that you ask your doctor first for instruction on how to properly operate it and learn to differentiate normal sounds from abnormal ones. Also we advise that you get a traditional, inexpensive one, that way you will have a tool at home that is value priced but gets the job done accurately.
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