Where do I place electrodes?

Although it is not an exact science and many might differ on where are the right spots to place them, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) electrodes placement is key to a successful and prompt pain relief. Placing the electrodes in the wrong areas will leave you with a feeling of pain, disappointment on the treatment and the aggravation of thinking you lost your money on a TENS unit that doesn't work. Along with post therapy ointments that enhance the success of this electrical therapy, you will only have a pain free sensation if you use the electrodes correctly on the right point of the aching area. If you come to a point in which, depending of the diagnosis, you know that you need TENS therapy and ask yourself "where do I place electrodes?", the correct protocol would be to have your caregiver let you know the right placement. However, in the following graphic you will see the different electrode placement guidelines for the most common diagnoses.


Place electrodes