Which are the best disposable adult briefs?

disposabel adult briefs

The best disposable adult briefs are those that offer the most protection and security against bladder and bowel incontinence as well as the most comfortable fit, even if they have to come up relatively short in the discretion department. Take for instance the Molicare Super Plus Adult Diaper; although it is on the bulkier side of the spectrum, it is also one of the best reviewed incontinence products due to being versatile, dependable, highly absorbent, comfortable, and overall effective. This product offers encompassing overnight and daytime protection from fluids and from odors too.

Discretion and absorbency are not necessarily mutually exclusive, though. The Attends Breathable Briefs for example are discreet and comfortable, and also one of the most absorbent adult diapers in the market (holding up to 59 oz of fluid and retaining it splendidly). No standing inner leak guards or waist elastics make it slimmer without sacrificing absorbency and wicking; the lag elastic effectively prevents leakage – though that may not apply to side sleepers. Moreover, a nonwoven, soft cloth-like outer covering adds to the discreet factor without detracting from the product’s ability to contain liquid and keep the skin dry. The fabric does not crinkle like some plastic-based materials and allows the wearer to move quietly. Easily refastenable tape can be readjusted for fit repeatedly and still hold.

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 This brief’s only shortcoming would be is odor control, which is reasonable for diluted urine though not so much for fecal incontinence. Nevertheless, it is almost on par with the Molicare Super Plus and slightly superior to the Abena Abri-Form X-Plus. The Abena doesn’t quite measure up to the Molicare either; the latter can hold fewer ounces – 46 as opposed to the former’s 75 – but has a peerless wicking distance of 18 inches. Nonetheless, the Abena Abri-Form is not without its highlights, such absorbency and comfort.

Although discreet yet protective disposable adult briefs are available, it is a good idea to start from the assumption that protection is inversely proportional to discretion. Consider the Attends briefs; they are more comfortable under clothing and make less noise when they rub against the user’s garments, but they only have capacity for 18 oz of fluid, as compared to the aforementioned two other brands of diapers. Bulkiness may be a nuisance but it is not gratuitous; its presence ensures a higher level of absorbency and longer-lasting effectiveness. 

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