Which are the healthiest airports to eat during the holidays?

The results of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s 13th annual Airport Food Review are in, and here are the top ten healthiest airports in the United States to eat during holiday travel.
The Denver International Airport is not only the healthiest but one of the most improved since last year’s rankings. You can order a Colorado Sunshine Wrap at Itza Wrap! Itza Bowl!, a barley burger at Boulder Beer Tap House, Tofu-Edamame at City Wok, vegetable soups, or fresh salads, and roma tomato panini at Woody Creek Bakery, which are among the 86% of restaurants that offer at least one healthy option at this airport.
The Detroit Metro. Wayne Co. Airport and the Chicago O’Hare International Airport were tied for second place; both stood out for their salads and other green alternatives.
The Los Angeles International Airport and the Reagan Washington National Airport tied in third place. LAX offers soba noodles with kimchi-marinated vegetables at Lemonade restaurant, and California market salad with sides of steamed bok choy, asparagus, and butternut squash puree at Encounter Restaurant. At National Airport you can find Asian peanut-tofu wrap from Euro Café, or a cup of Moroccan lentil soup or Smart Fit salad from Cosi.
 The fourth placed is shared by Baltimore/Washington International and Washington Dulles International Airport. The former’s healthy restaurants include the Silver Diner, the Chesapeake Café, or Rams Head Tavern, while the latter features Capitol Ground Coffee and Matsutake Sushi. 
The fourth tie in a row is between Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Phoenix highlights include the trans fat-free burrito bowl at Sir Veza’s Taco Garage. Not to be outdone, Urban Taco and Cantina Laredo at Dallas/Fort Worth offers vegetarian tacos, tostada salads, and burritos. 
Plant Cafe and Pinkberry, Legends of San Francisco, Brewing Company are some of the 76% of San Francisco International Airport eateries with available healthy menu items, such as a Portobello burger, or a bean sprouts, lettuce and tomato BLT. 
 Newark Liberty International Airport has lost some of its healthy options since the last review, but still has Smasburger’s Harvest Salad, the Garden State Diner’s vegetarian triple decker (sans cheese if you will), and Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen’s spaghetti and salads. 
Lefty’s Lonestar Grill, Mango Taco Truck, and Zpizza are among the 73% approved restaurants at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. 
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has food that’s not only healthy but also creative, like the roasted beet and pear salad and grilled tempeh reubens at the French Meadow Bakery and Café.
The final tie is also the last spot in the top ten, involving Orlando International Airport and Miami International Airport. Try the cannellini bean bruschetta and roasted veggie wraps with lemon hummus at McCoy’s Bar & Grill in Orlando, or visit Counter, a new healthy restaurant in Miami, for the bean-filled burger, or a salad with 21 different toppings.