Which is the best personal TENS unit?

The best personal TENS unit would be the TENS 7000, if we go by the meaning of the word ‘personal’ that defines it as something private and individual. The TENS 7000 unit is a lightweight device that you can wear on you even as it is operating, thanks to the included belt clip that comes with it. You don’t have to sit still while electrotherapy is being applied anywhere on your body; with this TENS machine you retain full mobility. However, the TENS 7000 is not the only unit that does not meddle with your personal life.
For example, the related TENS 7000 To Go is, as its name implies, specifically designed for people who stop at nothing and thus require pain relief even while they’re on the go. Instead of several separate electrodes, this device comes with an enveloping conductive support belt which you can wrap around your lower back to alleviate the pain of lumbago. It doesn’t get any more personal than that, now does it? Similarly, the Power Muscle Stimulator is a pocket-size, wireless TENS/EMS combo that can be worn inconspicuously. Despite its small dimensions, it includes LCD display, timer, battery, and more.
Another device that can fall in the category of a personal TENS unit is the Ultima 3T with timer. This machine is so small it can perfectly fit front or back pockets, yet so powerful that that it can bring relief to two different areas of the body at the same time, courtesy of its dual channel technology. The Digital Ultima Five TENS is not very unlike the Ultima 3T, though some patients prefer the former’s new-age digital style with a hint of traditional, as well as its remarkable function.
How about the TENS AA digital unit, a five-modem device with an LCD screen display, and what’s more, powered by AA batteries? Users of TENS are all too aware that most units are operated by 9v batteries. Hence, many of them may be attracted to this particular device, if they happen to personally prefer AA batteries over 9 volts. There are many options, but the fact remains that the word personal can also mean exclusive, and since each patient is different, once you find the settings that work for you, they become your own and no one else’s. In that sense, the best personal TENS unit will always be yours.