Which models get the best TENS units reviews?

The TENS 7000, TENS 3000, and the TENS 2800 digital unit are among the electrotherapy devices that get the best TENS reviews from both practitioners and patients. For example, online reviewers say of the TENS 7000 that they have used it for back pain, shoulder problems, herniated discs, chronic pain, sciatica, and post-operatory therapy, and the vast majority are surprised and impressed with the results they have obtained from this machine. Even the ones who were skeptical at first had to recognized the merits of this pain management and rehabilitation therapy unit.

Likewise, users of the TENS 3000 device are appreciative of the fact that they can enjoy the relief they experienced at the chiropractor’s office at home as well. In fact, customers seem to be delighted that they can, as patients, use basically the same technology as professional health care providers, with simplified controls and increased mobility, and with the same effective results as well. Although most reviewers have bought this unit for themselves, others have also bought it for relatives and are usually more than willing to recommend it to a friend.

Regarding the TENS 2800, people point out have they have used it to treat arthritic and lower back pain with the desired positive results. They add that the price is very convenient, especially taking into account that they use the same technology at more expensive therapy clinics. Further reviews also mention other important aspects, including timers, treatment modes and so on and so forth. All things considered, it can be said that most people are happy with their purchase, and that is reflected in the best TENS unit reviews that you can find on the Internet.

Even though online reviews can be very helpful in deciding which TENS unit to buy-or indeed whether to buy one at all-, no one can really experience what it actually feels like to use one for you. Not only is not pain relief something that can be enjoyed vicariously, but what works for one patient, may not work for you, and vice-versa. So, in case you don’t find this in any review, we’ll throw it in for good measure; users should try each treatment mode, intensity, electrode placement, etc. that any given unit has to offer in order to find what yields the very best individual results. Once that happens, you too will be inspired to take to the internet and recommend the TENS unit of your choice.

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