Which TENS Machine to Buy?

When you’re considering the question of which TENS machine to buy, it is safe to assume that your doctor has established that the source and type of pain you’re experiencing warrants the use of such a pain management device. If that’s the case, then you can proceed to take a look at the different alternatives that are available, and see how, or whether, they fit your individual needs. One of the main concerns of users is that of portability. Fortunately, there is no issue with that here; the only thing that could make your decision difficult is that some TENS units are more portable than others. 
Even the relatively ‘bulkier’ machines, such as the TENS 2800 or the TENS 3000, have got a conveniently built-in handle for easy transportation. However, if you’re looking more for something of a handheld nature, there are also plenty of choices to satisfy your request, like the Ultima 3T with timer, the TENS AA digital unit, the TENS 7000, the TENS Ultima 20, the Twin Stim 2nd Edition, and many other models. TENS units often include a carrying case and/or belt clip to make it easier to convey them from one place to another, and to wear them on your person even as you use them.

 Another factor that may play into your decision of which TENS machine to buy is whether the interface is analog or digital. Digital may be the norm nowadays for gadgets, but analog is still available for self-professed technophobes. For example, the TENS 3000 features an analog interface consisting of traditional dials and knobs which may result more user-friendly for many people. Nonetheless, its outward appearance belies the accurate technology that is housed inside. On the other hand, the TENS 7000 or the TENS AA digital unit are among the devices that include a digital readout display, and are controlled mainly by buttons.
Depending on the course of therapy that has been prescribed for you, you may decide which TENS machine to buy based on the stimulation modes they include. For instance, the TENS 3000 comes with three modes (burst, modulation, and constant), the TENS 7000 features five modes (burst, normal, modulation, and strength duration 1 and 2), and the InTENSity 10 Combo includes 10 pre-set selections, each focused on a different body part (neck, low back, mid back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, hip, foot, and ankle).

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