Why am I getting sick so often?

sick oftenIn our everyday life we are exposed constantly to many different internal and external factors that can affect our health. Although diseases occur as a response to a virus or infection that has affected the body, many times are also because of the way in which we nourish ourselves, the level of stress we handle or the difficulty in coping with emotional problems.

Have you ever noticed that some people get sick more often than others? Well this might be the cause and explanation for that. What is certain is that there are many reasons why a person may feel weak health constantly, and does not necessarily have to be a matter of gravity. The ideal is to identify which factors may be affecting our immune system to attack the root of the problem and not the "disease".

If you constantly ask your self "Why am I constantly sick?" maybe you should change your question to: "I am stressed?" Stress has an incalculable power to negatively affect the health of the human body, letting the stress to go rampantly in our lives puts us at risk of developing serious and real physical complications.

Stress doesn’t weakens the immune system it depresses it, making it vulnerable and unable to defend our body against any virus or bacteria that want to penetrate our organism and, even worse, threaten our recovery from the disease, making us sick for much longer than normal. Doctors and physicians say that the mind is in control of the entire body, and it turns out that much of our emotions are derived from our thoughts. For this reason, it is common that when a person passes through episodes of anxiety or depression also they will find it has broken into their health.

There are many people that when they are having anxiety attacks they suddenly start to experience issues in their stomachs, irritable bowel, diarrhea, headaches and even dizziness. In these cases the best thing is to learn how to control anxiety or treat depression, if it is the case, to avoid the emotions continue causing a productive effect on the rest of the body and stop being the cause of you both sick. It is really no use to only treat the disease and not your emotional problems that keep making you sick.

If you are constantly feeling ill, examine you lifestyle. If you are a victim of stress, and have a very monotonous routine, it is time to switch it up. The easiest and most effective way to get rid of stress is to exercise; you are attacking the problem head on  and not only are you ridding yourself from stress, you are promoting the body to strengthen your defenses, making it harder for diseases to affect your body.

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