Why choose adult cloth diapers?


Why, indeed, when adult cloth diapers are usually more expensive than disposable briefs? Actually, that is true in the short term, but in the long run reusable diapers are the wiser investment. You can use a cloth diaper 50, 100, even 200 times; compare that to a single-use brief that must be discarded after it has been used only one time. Reusable, washable products also result in less waste, something that the environment surely appreciates. Moreover, cloth adult diapers are absorbent, comfortable, discreet, soft, and exist in a wide variety of style, as seen below.

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Types of cloth diapers for adults

·         Flat

1 or 2 layers of fabric cut in a large square that can be folded down into a diaper. Allow users to personalize the shape and fit of the diaper. Easy to wash and dry quickly. Require pins and a waterproof cover.

·         Prefold

In addition to the other advantages of cloth diapers, these save time as they have been previously sewn together. Require pins and a waterproof cover.

·         Contoured

Made with absorbent fabric and cut in the shape of an hourglass for additional comfort and less bulk. Require pins and plastic pants.

·         Plastic

Available in diverse fabrics, styles, and colors.

·         Stuffable

Comfortable, absorbent, and dry.

-        Pocket diapers

-        Stuffable briefs

-        Pull-ons

·         Inserts

-        Hemp/cotton blend inserts. Trim and more absorbent than cotton.

-        Cotton birdseye and gauze inserts. A natural, soft, and absorbent alternative that does not bulk.

·         All-in-one

Easy to use, user-friendly, water-resistant. Velcro or snap fasteners.

·         Classic underwear

For light to moderate incontinence.

·         Menstrual pads and pantiliners

Featuring snapped wings that can be fastened to a woman’s underwear. Softer and more comfortable than disposable products, and ideal for mild incontinence.


In this day and age an adult cloth diaper may seem like a throwback, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Diapers are inevitably reminders of a simple era, and in the current fast-paced area that is a welcome change. Any adult person has already too much on his or her plate to have to worry about incontinence. Simplifying things is the best way to deal with incontinence and still be able to go about your daily activities with a minimum of disruption. The same goes for caregivers for whom diapers are an ongoing concern. The only caveat is that you have to be willing and able to do some extra laundry.

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