Why DMS is the Place Where to Buy TENS Units

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There are several reasons that DMS is where to buy TENS units, such as variety, versatility, quality, price, shipping, and more. The wide assortment of TENS devices includes the following:

·         TENS 3000 3-mode with Timer Tens Unit (Top seller)

·         TENS AA Digital Unit (Top seller)

·         Twin Stim 2nd Edition (Top seller)

·         InTENSity Twin Stim III (Top seller)

·         CareTec IV TENS/EMS/IF/Russian Stim (Top seller)

·         Power Muscle Stimulator (Top seller)

·         Tens 2800, TENS Unit model 2800

·         Deluxe TENS Unit, Dual Channel, Single Mode

·         Ultima 3T with Timer

·         Deluxe TENS Unit, Dual Channel, 3 Mode

·         InTENSity 5000 Hybrid

·         TENS 7000 Dual Channel Digital Tens unit

·         Digital Ultima Five TENS

·         Deluxe TENS Unit, Dual Channel, 3 Mode with timer

·         TENS Ultima 20

·         CareTec II TENS/EMS

·         Digital TENS Unit with 5 Mode Output

·         InTENSity 10 Combo

·         Ultima combo (Tens/EMS with body part diagram)

·         InTENSity Micro Combo

·         Combo Stim TENS/EMS

·         TENS 7000 To Go

·         TopTENS Pain Relief System

·         Twin Stim Plus 2nd Edition

·         Intensity IF Combo TENS/IF

·         Ultima Neuro w/ Li-ion rechargeable battery

·         CareTec IV TENS/EMS/IF/Russian Stim

·         E-Stim II, Dual-Channel Milli-Amp/Micro-Current

·         InTENSity Select Combo 4-in-1 waveforms TENS/EMS/IF/Micro

·         Witouch wireless Tens

·         Biomedical Life Systems Digital Biostim Plus

·         UltraTENS II

·         Twin Stim Plus 3rd Edition

·         Digital Biostim NMS+

·         ITO ES-130, Electro-Therapy Device

·         Life Systems Quadstar II Multi-Modality Device 4 Channel

Many of these products are not just TENS units but multi-purpose devices that include other electrotherapy technologies such as EMS, IF, and Russian Stimulation. Despite this versatility, these items are by no means expensive; on the contrary, their prices range between $18 and $450. You can believe they are not only worth their price tags but actually give you more bang for your buck. In fact, Discount Medical Supplies has the guaranteed lowest prices on most products (see Terms of Use). If that weren’t enough, a percentage of your money may go to charity if you so desire it.

Shopping is easy with DMS thanks to a user-friendly interface and a devoted customer service team, but what about shipping? There are three modes of shipping available:

  • Standard Ground Shipping: Most orders shipped ground will be delivered 3 to 5 business days after the package ships.
  • 2-Day Delivery: Orders shipped this way will be in transit for 2 business days.
  • Standard Overnight Delivery: For in-stock items the order will be delivered the following business day after the package ships.

With the exception of large, heavy items like wheelchairs, commodes, lifts, ramps, transfer benches, and the like, free shipping is available for most products, including electrotherapy devices – one more reason Discount Medical Supplies is the place where to buy TENS units.

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