Women with diabetes at risk of coronary disease

A recent study is stating that women that are suffering from diabetes can also be high at risk of developing coronary disease. Women with type-2 diabetes are twice as likely as men to suffer coronary disease, according to the American Heart Association. Published in the medical journal “Circulation”, the American Association asserts that, in relation to men, women with type-2 diabetes (insufficient production of insulin to control blood sugar levels in the blood) have some considerable drawbacks while confronting the disease. This report has also served as another platform for the American Heart Association to reinforce their recommendations for people with diabetes to increase the amount of physical activity they perform to reduce those risks, as well as checking their blood pressure levels and blood sugar levels.

Reported disadvantages

Wile having diabetes is not a guarantee that a person will have coronary disease or heart conditions, there are several increased risks and possibilities that are worth considering. Here are some of them:

  • Women with type-2 diabetes could experience heart attacks at younger ages.
  • The mortality rate is higher when they suffer their first heart attack.
  • In many cases, type-2 diabetes makes women unable to receive surgical procedures to unclog their arteries, as well as other related surgeries like angioplasties.
  • Having diabetes also makes it complicated to prevent or treat coronary disease because diabetics are not able to take many medications to help them cut down on cholesterol, and other medications that can reduce their blood pressure.
  • Women with diabetes can develop type-2 diabetes due to gender specific causes, such as gestational diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome.

 Dealing with Diabetes

According to experts, discipline is essential for women who are diagnosed with diabetes, in order for them to lead their lives without many complications. Now, with the latent risk of suffering from coronary disease, sustaining a healthy lifestyle can prevent effectively any major complication may occur. For example, it is important to keep track of blood pressure levels and blood sugar levels.

Preventing coronary disease

It's not all bad news for women in this report, since it has been observed also that they can benefit more than men just by improving their dietary habits and increasing their physical activity,. Such lifestyle choices can positively affect the risk of cardiovascular disease. Although these gender based differences have been properly verified by multiple studies, this particular study says that more research is still required to determine the reasons that women react differently than men to some medications.

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