Working at Discount Medical Supplies: Stories from the inside...

Working at Discount medical supplies

One year and a half ago I started working at Discount Medical Supplies. If I were to summarize this time in a few words I would say it has been "journey of a lifetime".  You might wonder why I would be comparing the time I have been here with a lifetime experience. Please read on and let me explain.  I promise, if you are an altruist such as myself, you will understand why I have fallen in love with this place and everything it has provided me.

To the public, Discount Medical Supplies is a physician operated medical equipment company that sells supplies at the most affordable prices in the industry. To me however is not only a home but also a place that has made me realize that in my heart there is amazing grace, kindness, compassion and love to care for others.   One of the main focuses Discount Medical Supplies has is: Caregiving.  As a caregiver, I could not find a better place to work for.  When I started working here I never knew how much of a caregiver I was about to turn to, but it just felt so right.  Whether it was in the Customer Service Department helping customers with their orders, or as the writer I am now for the company, there is always a chance for me to reach out and help or spread a valuable message of health, kindness or compassion.


As a mother, I was able to learn about so medical conditions and possible solutions for my children in any eventuality. As a daughter of someone with diabetes, I was able to understand not only the purpose of glucose meters but also the importance of awareness of the condition. As the grand-daughter of someone with dementia, I fell in love with being a caregiver for someone in need of patience and understanding.  I became more sensible to the needs of my loved ones around me.  I became a better person.

You know the feeling when you actually love what you do or where you work?  I share that feeling since I started working at Discount Medical Supplies.  Besides all of the above, I am able to do what I love: Write.  I am able to inform people on matters that will be beneficial for their health. It was because of this job that I started by blog " Heroes of Love ", dedicated to my grandparents, my mother and my children, but also to all caregivers around the world.

So, let me take you back to the beginning. Why would I say "a journey of a lifetime"?  I know nothing is forever and that I might not be here for a lifetime.  But I can honestly say that Discount Medical Supplies is a place I stopped by to learn lessons that WILL last a lifetime. Lessons of love that will remain in my heart forever. My passage through this company was God sent, I have no doubt about it.