A World Filled with Healthcare Professionals is a Better Place

Some call them angels, some call them blessings, and others will just call them by their names: Healthcare Professionals.  Life would be so much more difficult without all these souls around the world saving lives and promoting wellness.  From those who work at their private clinics, homes, schools and even travelling around the world such as Doctors without Borders, they all play a crucial role in the lives of millions of people around the world. 
A health care provider is a person or institute that promotes prevention, health, and/or rehabilitative medicine to individuals and even entire communities.  From a wide variety of specialties, healthcare professionals can be found in the area of medicine, nursing, or rehabilitation.  Healthcare professional facilities include clinics, hospitals, care centers, and others. 

There are currently many types of healthcare professionals and the list below mentions most of them: 
Chiropractors Podiatrists
Nurses Physicians
Occupational therapists Health administrators
Respiratory Therapists Medical Assistants
Speech Language Pathologists Medical technologists
Social Workers Pharmacists
Athletic Trainers Pharmaconomists
Audiologists and Speech Pathologists Pharmacy technicians
Clinical nurse specialists Phlebotomists
Clinical officers Radiologic Technologist
Physician Assistants Paramedics
Optometrists Nurse practitioners
Nurse Midwives Nurse anesthetists
Community health workers Dentists
Dietitians and Nutritionists Emergency medical technicians
Feldshers Psychologists
Psychotherapists Physiotherapists


The healthcare system is constituted of these amazing people along with institutions regulated by the jurisdiction of the state or province of origin to ensure the proper quality assurance and making sure that all legal compliance measures are taking place. 
Health care professionals are divided into four principal fields.  The first one is the medical field.  This field includes generalists practitioners and those who carry some sort of specialty.  The second field is the nursing field.  This one includes several professional certifications.  Next field would be the Dentistry one that needs no explanations the type of practitioners it hold and last but not least the Health Professions field.  This last field includes all those in occupational therapy, paramedicine, radiographer, respiratory therapy, pharmacy and others.  Inside each of these fields, healthcare professionals are classified upon skill level and specialization. Depending on the sub-field they specialize in, healthcare professionals can also be grouped. These sub-fields include pregnancy and childbirth care, public health, surgical care, rehabilitation and mental health.