World Tuberculosis Day 2014

Discount Medical Supplies happily joins the effort of World Tuberculosis Day, to bring awareness to the worldwide fight against TB.
The statistics show that every year 9 million people around the World get Tuberculosis and that in that same year 3 million of those people don’t have the access to the proper care they need to save their lives.  World Tuberculosis Day is a campaign spearheaded by the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) that is aiming for a call of conscience that even though TB is a treatable disease, the care to treat and cure the disease is not enough.
Just in 2012 an estimate of 1.3 Million people died from Tuberculosis, and the vast majority of its victims are from places in the world with severe to extreme poverty. TB is among the three top causes of death in women of ages 15 to 44. Since the late 20th Century, a shift in efforts to stop Tuberculosis has achieved a decline in the mortality rate of TB by 45%, but even with this advances much more can be done. 
This year the slogan for the Campaign is “Reach the 3 million”, as a call to the entire world to join hands and reach out to those “missed” by the system.