Wound Care Supplies For Burn Patients

Burn care patients require specialized treatment. Their wounds tend to be more severe and require more intensive healthcare. Wound care for burn patients varies from patient to patient and is dependent upon the type, location and severity of the burn. Some burn victims may only need to be treated at home where wound care tape can be utilized. Other patients may need more rigorous treatment.

Determining Your Burn

Before you look into wound care, you must first determine the seriousness of your burn.

 According to wikihow, there are several degrees of burns to distinguish between:

•    First degree burns are the most common and the least severe. They affect the outermost layer of skin.
•    Second degree burns are more painful than first degree and maybe characterized by splotches and blisters. These burns burn the two outermost layers of skin.
•    If you experience a third degree burn, you must seek immediate medical attention since it is the most severe burn. These burns occur from extended exposure to extreme heat.

Burn Patient Supplies

One of the most common and effective ways in dealing with wound care involves wound care tape. Tape covers the burn, keeps it clean and allows the wound to breathe in order to speed up the healing process.

There are plenty of tapes to choose from.

•    Johnson and Johnson Elastikon Tape is a cotton cloth tape which features high elasticity. It’s great for providing needed pressure to a painful burn, yet flexible enough to provide comfort.
•    3M Microfoam Tape is a dynamic, conforming wound care tape. Not only is this tape water-resistant but it features multi-directional stretch which means it will conform and stay put in harder to reach places-- such as around elbows and knees.
•    3M Healthcare 3M Nexare Durapore Cloth Tape features a silk-like quality that makes it comfortable and soothing.

No matter what kind of wound care is required, there is something to meet the healthcare needs of each and every one. Make sure that you assess the wound carefully, to determine whether in-home treatment is appropriate or if professional help is needed. A versatile supply that is great for virtually any type of burn is wound care tape which will relieve pressure and pain while keeping the wound protected.