Wound Care Supplies: Let's Discuss Medical Tape!

When it comes to wounds, there are so many supply options out there that it can seem almost overwhelming. There are various types of gauze, bandages and dressings. However, one of the most popular and effective is medical tape. 
Not only is it highly efficient but convenient, affordable and versatile. Wound care tape allows the wound to be protected. Not only that. The right medical tape provides you with some of the best healthcare possible in regards to a wound.
Benefits of Medical Tape
There are many essential benefits that wound care tape provides in the healing of a wound. 
They include:
According to WebMd, medical tape is sterile and helps to keep the wounded area clean and free of germs.
Wound care tape provides the right environment for the wound which allows it to heal quicker.
Tape is a natural barrier between the skin and the outside world.
Even though the medical tape covers the wound, it allows the area to breathe.

Types of Tape
When it comes to your specific healthcare needs, there are plenty of tapes to choose from--including various sizes, colors and styles.
Reliamed Silk/Cloth Surgical Tape is great for sensitive or more susceptible skin. This tape is latex-free and hypoallergenic. Even though it is extremely gentle, it is quite durable and provides great stretch.
For those with more serious wounds, the Original Pink Tape by Invacare is an excellent option. It is designed for prolonged use and is conformable, water-proof and even washable.
Another great wound care tape is 3M Healthcare 3M Transpore White Tape. It is water-resistant and provides exceptional adhesion. This is a very functional and diverse tape.
According to Nursingcenter.com, choosing the right tape is all about assessing the wound. Its severity, location, whether it is dry or not are all factors to consider. Make sure that it provides the coverage, material and correct uses that you require.
The next time you are faced with a wound, you need not fret about the options available to you out there. The right medical tape can provide you with the protection, comfort and healing that you require. 
Since there are so many varieties to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect solution for your needs. If you ever have any doubts or questions about your specific wound, do not hesitate to contact a healthcare professional to direct you.

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